How can I collect emails using Riddle?

We’ve designed Riddle to make it easy for you to collect emails from interested quiz takers. 

Here’s how:

  • Create or edit a quiz
  • Go to the ‘Collect leads’ step
  • Create your form
  • Drag/drop the fields for each user to complete (name, email, etc.)
  • Connect it to your email marketing tool, Google Doc, or other system

Some key points:

  • We recommend making lead forms optional.
  • Mandatory forms just encourage people to give fake details so they can proceed to their results.
  • Instead, give a compelling reason for each user to give their information – beyond seeing results.
  • We’ve seen successful examples such as ‘Sign up for a free 15 minute Skype consultation of your results’ or ‘Enter your details to get 25% off your first three months’.
  • The fewer fields, the better – we’ve found 3-5 fields work best. With each field, you will see a drop in people filling it out. Typing on smartphones in particular  can be a pain, so only ask for the most important information you need.

Now that’s a very brief overview. For more information – check out our blog post about using quiz lead generation with Riddle.

(Random factoid: 8-10% is a good form completion rate. But we’ve seen upwards of 35% – especially with a good incentive for the users like ‘Free 15 minute online consultation’ or ‘Win two tickets to X’.)