Using audio files with Riddle

As bonafide quiz geeks, we know quizzes and other interactive content work best when you go beyond pictures and text.

Now you can easily embed audio files into your riddles. Here’s how:

  • Find a suitable audio file (.wav or .mp3 format)
  • It must be under 7 MB
  • Click on the media picker – and then the ‘video/audio’ tab
  • Select audio – and upload your file.
  • You’ll be asked for a background image – you can upload one or use Google image search, Pexels, and our other options.
  • Choose if you’d like your clip to autoplay (as soon as the question loads) or when the user clicks play.

Need to just play a small portion of the clip? Check out this great free tool from Audacity – you can click and save small sections of any music file.

Here’s a sample quiz we whipped up – not very intellectually challenging of course, but a good example of how easy it is to add audio with our quiz maker.

Demonstration quiz – using audio files