Quiz creation just got a whole lot easier (and faster!) with our Team plan.

Do you find yourself creating lots of very similar content? Now, you can save your any of your Riddles as a ‘template’ for easy reuse.

Possible use cases include any ‘recurring’ content such as:

  • Weekly quiz
  • Player of the week
  • Poll of the month

As part of our Team plan, you can save any of our quiz types as a team template, so you or your team members can use in the future.

We give you two options to do this:

Option 1

  • Go to ‘My Riddles’
  • Click on the the ‘…’ menu by your quiz
  • Select ‘save as quiz template’

Option 2

When editing or creating your quiz:

  • Go to the ‘publish’ step
  • Click on ‘save as template’

Want inspiration on how to use any quiz style? We have dozens of our own quiz templates that you can use – simply copy any of our own template Riddles directly to your account.

  • Click on any quiz type
  • Select the eye icon to preview and play the quiz
  • Click the ‘+’ to add this template to your account

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