Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 – using form templates

Saving a form template:

With our Quiz Lead Generation 2.0, our templates let you easily reuse any form you create.

Create a form once – then add to any quiz you build.

  • Once your form is perfect, click on the ‘templates’ tab.
  • Type a descriptive name in the ‘save as’ field, then press ‘save’.

Default form templates:

Want to make this form your default for any future quizzes?

  • Click the ‘Set as default template’
  • Your template will appear any time you want to add a form to a quiz
  • (Don’t worry – you can always edit or change the form for each quiz.)
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Using standard templates:
We’ve also included some pre-built templates to save you time.
  1. Click on ‘standard templates’
  2. Choose the one that suits your needs
  3. Our templates are just a starting point – feel free to customize any fields, then save as your own template.


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