Our standard embed codes work on 99% of websites and CMS tools. (Learn more)

However, it’s possible that the provider of your blog does not allow external javaScript for security reasons.

(Don’t worry the Riddle script is safe, we just use it to resize the Riddle container to fit any size screen).

  • You can get around this by using one of the other embed modes that doesn’t use any JavaScript – such as our ‘No JavaScript’ or our ‘No CSS or JavaScript’ options.
  • The only downside is your Riddle container will no longer automatically resize itself and will instead use a specified height.
  • Some sites don’t allow inline CSS which will also affect the way your embed looks. If this is the case you should use the “Static (no CSS or Javascript)” option.

Still stuck? Ask us for help!

We’re happy to help you if any issues pop up – we’re big quiz geeks, and avid customer support folks to boot.

Please let us know via support chat or write to us at hello@riddle.com – along with a link to the page with your quiz embed so we can check out what’s wrong.

We’re super fast at getting back in touch (averaging under 2 minutes!) and will do our best to fix it for you.

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