Polls: Hiding & displaying vote totals

Online polls are a brilliant way to connect with your audience. Quick to create, you can have a poll up and embedded on your site in less than 60 seconds.

Riddle features four types of polls:

  • Opinion polls
  • Reaction polls
  • Ranked polls
  • Upvote lists

Simple in concept, it does highlight a tricky issue.

Imagine you created a poll called Who’s the your must-see diva?.

After each user votes, they see how many people have voted so far.

Being an early voter in an online poll is a bit like coming early to an empty party. If you’re the 3rd person to vote, the poll doesn’t feel very active – and you’re probably not going to share it with your friends.

To avoid this, we recommend using ‘show %’ at the beginning.

Using percentages, instead of ‘2  people voted for Taylor Swift’, each user would see that 67% of people selected her.

  1. Turn on the ‘hide total number of votes’ option in the ‘More+’ tab of the ‘Customize’ step.
  2. Embed the quiz on your site
  3. Wait a few days
  4. Once you have enough votes to appear like a popular poll, turn it off.
  5. Press ‘publish’ to push those changes live.