Insert ad tags in your Riddle quizzes

Want to place ads in any of your Riddle quizzes or other formats? You can easily serve ads from your Google Ad Server, Doubleclick, or other ad servers – we’ll show you how with our Team plan.

(Note: This covers our ad placements above and below the Riddle content. You can also run video ads in place of a lead form – but it requires this different set of steps.)

Here’s an example how your ads might look:

Step 1: Creating ad slots

First, you’ll need to set up an ad slot in your team – and add your ad tags.

  1. Pop over to the top right menu.
  2. Select ‘My teams’ (and create a team if you haven’t already).
  3. Choose ‘ads’ (see screenshot below) – and insert your own ad code into Slot 1.
  4. (Please note – your ad code will need to be responsive, to fit/adjust in riddles on smartphones, desktop, and tablets.)

Remember, these are team-wide slots – and you can make up to 5 ad slots per team. They can be selected and used in any of your team’s quizzes – more on that below.

Step 2: Customize ad tag variables

We give you the option to use variables – for extra flexibility.

Don’t worry – these are team-wide settings, but your team’s creators can always change that setting on a per-Riddle basis.

  • Add variables in curly braces in your ad tag, add them in curly braces {}.
  • Be sure to add default values for each variable – you can see how in our above screenshot.

Step 3: Applying ad slot to a quiz

Great – now that you’ve got an ad slot created, any of your team’s quiz creators can select and apply them in their quizzes.

  • Go to the ‘Branding & footer’ section of our ‘Customize’ step
  • Choose either ‘Display your ads above quiz’ (or below).
  • Click ‘Apply ad slot from team settings’
  • Select the ad slot from the dropdown menu (if you have more than one ad slot)
  • You can overwrite your ad slot’s default values for each variable. This gives you even more flexibility in choosing what and how you show ads in your quizzes.

Wrapping up – ad tags in quizzes

That’s all there is to it – setting up ad tags in Riddle quizzes is only available with our Team plan (check out our pricing and features here).

Our team are big quiz (and ad serving) geeks – so please just fire any questions our way using support chat.

Our founders and the rest of our Riddle team all jump to answer questions quickly – looking forward to hearing from you!