How to edit images

We’ve designed Riddle’s quiz maker with built-in image editing – sort of a PhotoShop-lite. The idea? Let you quickly choose images then crop or add text, filters, and other effects – all within Riddle. Fast image editing means faster quiz creation – plus no need to ask for your team’s designer for help!

(For more image tips – check out our blog posts: ‘What size image work best?‘ or ‘Choosing the right quiz image‘.)

Right, here’s how to edit images:

In our media selector, add images from Google, Pexels, Facebook, Twitter, our stock photography, or upload your own.

Note: you can only edit images – not animated GIFs or videos.

Next – click on ‘edit’.

Once in our image editor, you can choose from:

  • Crop – Improve your image’s impact by removing any unnecessary parts. And don’t worry – our crop tool is locked to your quiz’s layout (wide, tall, square) so your image will automatically fit your quiz.
  • Transform – Rotate or flip your images.
  • Draw – Use the brush/pen tool to draw directly on your images.
  • Text – Make images even more engaging by adding text (ex. add ‘Great job!’ to the image you display to top scorers on your quiz).
  • Shapes – Get creative and add arrows, circles, squares and other shapes.
  • Filter – Easily make your images visually ‘pop’ with black/white, Polaroid, vintage and other Instagram-like filters.
  • Stickers – Add emojis or other icons to your images.

Whew – that’s one heck of a lot of creative options at your fingertips!

All finished? Click ‘Save’ to place the edited image in your quiz.

And voila, that’s all there is to it – unleash your inner quiz artist!