Want to delete a lead form? Sure our quiz creator is super flexible for collecting emails from potential customers.

But sometimes, you might want to use our quiz maker for pure engagement – and not for data collection.

Fear not – the collect emails step is always optional. Our 15 of our quiz formats (including our Journey, Order It, and Tap and Find) will work without it.

How to delete a lead form with Riddle’s quiz maker:

  1. Click on ‘My Riddles’
  2. Edit your quiz
  3. Go to the ‘Collect emails’ step
  4. Mouse-over the ‘Step 1: Create’ card
  5. Click on the garbage can icon to delete a lead form
delete a lead form in a Riddle quiz

Video: removing a quiz lead generation form

Text and screenshots are fine – but sometimes it’s easier to just watch a short video walkthrough. Our co-founder Mike whipped up this one – showing you how to delete a lead form in one easy step.

Transcript: ‘How can I remove the form from my quiz?’

Hi there, my name’s Mike and I’m one of the co-founders here at Riddle. In this video, I’m going to show you how you can quickly delete a lead form from your Riddle quiz list, poll – or any of our 15 interactive content formats -super easily.

I should tell you that we’re a little embarrassed about this. We get this question a lot from our users, and it’s a sign that we could improve our UX. O

In Riddle 2.0, which is coming very soon, we’ve completely redone our collect email stuff. So anyways, we know this is something we could do better. So apologies for that, right?

In Riddle, you can collect emails and leads in our collect emails step – you don’t have to have a form, but many people choose to.

I’m going to use one of our templates. And in this case, I’m going to create a personality test and I’ll just copy this “What’s your management style?” personality test.

Next, I’m going to go to the collect email step –  essentially you just want to mouse-over any of these steps to remove it. So in this case, I’m going to mouse-over the create form step and just delete it. There you go.

That’s how you delete a lead form.

If you want to recreate it, you can always just click ‘create’ – it’s a nice drag and drop form builder.

So it’s really easy to use. But there you go, super easy. That’s how you delete a live form.

Any questions about how to delete a lead form?

Please let us know down on support chat. And if you’ve watched many of these videos, you know, I always like to say we are super fast to respond. You’ll catch myself, our CEO Boris, or all our devs – we race each other to respond first.

OK, thank you very much. And Happy Riddling.

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