Adding a quiz to Wordpress and using Gutenberg Blocks

Starting with version 4.0 the Riddle Quiz Maker WordPress Plugin is supporting Gutenberg blocks. In this first Gutenberg release, you can easily add your quizzes as a Gutenberg block by either:

  • adding a shortcode generated by the plugin
  • adding the URL to your Riddle that is autogenerated when you publish a Riddle on
  • adding the Riddle ID

To make use of this, please install the Riddle plugin first or if you already have our plugin installed, make sure to upgrade to version 4.0 or higher. Older versions of our plugin do not support the Gutenberg editor.

After installing the plugin, connect it with your account using the plugin token. You can do that by following these steps:

Connect your Riddle account

  • Log in to your account on
  • No account yet? Just create an account – 14 day free trial, with no credit card required.)
  • Go to the ‘Account’ section on
  • Copy your API token and key
  • Head back to the Riddle plug-in in WordPress.
  • Paste the code into the token field (under account settings).
  • Click on the “Update API token & key” button.

This will bring up the My Riddles list inside WordPress.

You can now use the “Copy to clipboard” button to copy the shortcode to your clipboard. You can use that shortcode with any WordPress Editor. Just paste it into your blog post where you want the Riddle quiz to show.

For Gutenberg, copy the shortcode and then go to the page or post where you want to add this Riddle.

Click on the + sign to add a new Gutenberg block and search for Riddle.

Now paste the shortcode or alternatively just the Riddle ID or a link to the published Riddle such as into the text box in the Gutenberg editor.

This will load the Riddle and you are all set.

Please note, if you are using Gutenberg or any other editor like Fusion from Avada or the classic editor, our shortcode will always work. But we are working on new cool features for Gutenberg users, so come back here and update your Riddle Plugin frequently to benefit from them.

And of course, if you run into problems, please just reach out via chat (check the bottom right corner of this page for our chat box) or email us at We’re super fast at responding. 🙂