Tutorial – using Riddle with Thunder CMS

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Riddle Quiz Maker and the Thunder Drupal CMS

If you are a building your site on Drupal, you might want to check out Thunder – the free, open source, Drupal based CMS.

Thunder is being used small bloggers as well as large global publishers like Hurbert Burda Media and supported by leading industry partners such as Riddle 🙂

The Riddle Thunder Drupal CMS plugin allows you to add content such as:

  • Quizzes
  • Personality Tests
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Interactive Stories and more

As an open source content management system, Thunder is build to meet the needs of professional publishing. Through integrations you have immediate access to features like:

  • nexx.tv Videoplayer
  • Fully responsive Webdesign
  • Interactive content from Riddle.com
  • Facebook Instant Articles

Using Riddle inside your Thunder installation is super easy with the Riddle plugin. Check out these 2 tutorials to learn more about getting Riddle setup in your Thunder installation.

Setting up Thunder and Riddle

Make sure to set up a free trial account on Riddle.com first. Riddle offers a free 14 day trial – no credit card needed – that lets you experience and test all features. Get started creating interactive content super fast using the ready made examples for all content types that you can copy into your account. Making a quiz has never been faster.

Any content you create on Riddle.com will be made available in the Plugin and can be added to your Thunder site without any coding required. Simply select the Riddle from the Plugins drop-down menu and add the Riddle to your articles or posts.

Creating a Riddle and using it inside Thunder

If you are new to quiz making, check out some of the great resources on our Riddle Blog. The best way to get started is to download our free eBook on quiz making.

The book focusses on teaching you how to create quizzes and personality tests that engage users, keep them on your site longer, invite sharing and also convert really well for lead generation. After all, quizzes and personality tests are among the best ways to get high conversion rates for your lead forms. A lead form build into a quiz can convert over 30% of the quiz takers compared to annoying pop-up forms, which convert less than 1% of your site visitors to leads.

Riddle offers a great drag and drop lead form builder that either stores leads on the Riddle servers (located in Europe and fully GDPR compliant) or sends them off to a CRM of your choice.

Download our free e-book “Quizmaster”

Learn how to use quizzes for your marketing -
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