Riddle quiz maker: how to use team style templates

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We launched Riddle back in 2014 with one goal – to be the fastest, most stylish quiz maker on the planet. As a key part of this strategy, we added team style templates – so that you can save and apply preset combinations of fonts, colors, branding, and more.

Our partners like the BBC or the Tate Museum all use templates to speed up quiz creation, while ensuring each quiz matches their own sites’ style and branding guidelines.

No more worries about picking the right hex color, choosing the perfect font, or forgetting to add your branding. Team style templates make this one-click easy.

Quiz team templates – video walkthrough:

Quiz team templates – how to use:

(Note: you’ll need a Riddle Enterprise subscription – which comes with other goodies like in-quiz iFrames, custom CSS, and more.)

  • Any team admin can create a style template.
  • Go to the ‘Customize’ step in any Riddle quiz or other content.
  • Select any template from the ‘team style template’ section.
  • Select the right colors, fonts, and any of the other options under ‘Style’, ‘Social’, ‘Basic’, ‘More’, and ‘Call to action’ tabs.
  • Got the right look for your site? Click save – and these are all saved under that template.
  • Click ‘Rename’ to give it a descriptive name.
  • Only team admins can edit those slots, but team authors and editors can apply these templates with just a click.

Quiz team templates – apply automatically:

Want to make a style template the default for your team? Any quiz your team starts to make will have this template selected automatically.

Avoid confusion – and let your content team get creating.

  • Any admin can go to ‘Teams’
  • Click the ‘gear’ icon for settings.
  • Choose the default theme.
  • (This will automatically be applied to any Riddle your team creates.)

Each Enterprise account comes with ten templates per team. Most of our partners use this flexibility to create different templates for the different destinations they might be embed a quiz on (‘Home page’, ‘Blog’, ‘Social’).

Hope this helps  – but just give us a shout at hello@riddle.com… we quickly read and respond to every message.

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