Adding a quiz leaderboard with Riddle

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We’re proud to introduce our quiz leaderboard feature for our quiz maker at Riddle!

Now, quizzes are proven to be awesome at engagement. They provoke, challenge, and entertain each quiz taker – and gives them a result they can share with friends.

quiz leaderboard screenshot

Using a quiz leaderboard extends that – and lets each person compare their rankings with every other quiz taker. 

Our quiz leaderboard works with our lead generation technology:

  1. Create a quiz
  2. Add a lead generation form
  3. Embed a quiz leaderboard on your site
  4. Each quiz taker who fills in the form will be added to the quiz leaderboard

Super flexible – you can customize our quiz leaderboard extensively so that every quiz taker gets a unique message:

  • “You scored better than XX% of quiz takers – congratulations!” 
  • “You missed the top 10 by YY%. Try again to crack the top 10!”

Why add a quiz leaderboard for your quiz?

  • More engagement: As humans, we’re a competitive bunch – and we love to see how we rank/compare with everybody else. Adding a quiz leaderboard will trigger the same behavior from the video games of yesterday – people playing and replaying your quiz to get the highest score.
  • More virality: This public ranking of quiz takers translates into more virality. Imagine Bob from Boston took your quiz – and scored in the top 3% of all test takers. He’d be pretty chuffed – and would be far more likely to share his results (and your quiz link) with his friend.
  • More flexibility: A quiz leaderboard also gives you added capabilities for additional contests and giveaways. You could challenge your audience – and say that only the top 10 finishers will receive a price. (Here’s more info <LINK> how you use Riddle’s quiz maker for quiz contests.)

How to create a quiz leaderboard?

Currently you have two ways to add a quiz leaderboard:

  • WordPress sites: You can use our plugin to easily create and use your leaderboard… no coding required. <LINK to blog post>
  • All other sites: With just a little bit of coding knowledge, you can easily modify our sample PHP code  and embed your leaderboard on any type of site. (Read more)

Video walkthrough: Adding a leaderboard in WordPress

Our WordPress whiz Jan-Luca created this helpful guide to adding a leaderboard in WordPress:

Have ideas for new quiz leaderboard features?

Now – this is just our first version. It only tracks and displays scores for a particular quiz.

But we’d love to hear what other features we should add for future versions. We’re already thinking:

  • Cumulative ranking – tracking scores across multiple quizzes (perfect for a weekly quiz league, for example)
  • Time taken metric – we’ll let you display how fast each quiz taker was in completing your quiz. You could you use this as a tie-breaker – if two people get 100%, the fastest person is ranked higher.

What else should we create?

Ask away on support chat – or at  We’d love to hear from you – and are lightning-fast to respond!

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