Zapier and Riddle – send leads to any software

You can easily connect Riddle to almost any software (you name it – from Constant Contact to Salesforce and many more) using Zapier.

(Back story – Zapier is a great tech service, they connect any software to almost any other system… no coding required.)

As examples, you can automatically send leads and their quiz responses to:

  • Active Campaign (Urgent!)
  • Constant Contact
  • Convert Kit
  • Get Response
  • InfusionSoft
  • Salesforce
  • Marketo
  • (and far too many to list here)

Zapier is a paid service, but they have a free plan that will suit many small to medium businesses. Even their paid plans are reasonable, considering how painless they make the task of connecting data systems.

To read the long form explanation with more in depth explanation on how to use our app, please check out our blog post on connecting Riddle with here.

Video: Getting started with Zapier & Riddle

Connecting Zapier

You have two options with Riddle:

  1. Zapier app –   you can use our free app to set up the connection in just a minute or two. Here’s more info:
  2. Zapier webhook – this takes a couple more steps, but is also pretty straightforward:

We strongly recommend using our free Zapier App. Please make sure to read our FAQ article on how to use the app and also check out our blog post on how to best use Zapier with Riddle.

Important note to consider:

Zapier automatically stops Zaps if they produce too many errors. If you are connecting Riddle to an email tool like Infusionsoft, Mailchimp etc., please make sure to make the email field in your Riddle form mandatory. If you send data without emails to Zapier, the zap will fail and produce an error.

Alternatively, you can set up an intermediate step in Zapier to stop the zap if the email field is empty.

Any questions? Just drop us a note on support chat or at – we’re big data geeks, and are always happy to help out. 🙂