Using lookup tables

Are you already using to connect the Riddle Quiz Maker with your CRM tool? You should try out the Lookup Table feature in Zapier – it’s awesomely powerful; you can add tags to leads or send leads to specific lists based on their Riddle quiz results.

Lookup tables are a very powerful tool to dynamically add data to leads captured with Riddle – the downside is that this Zapier feature isn’t quite as user-friendly as Riddle’s quiz maker.

Video overview: Zapier lookup tables and Riddle

To save time, check out the video below by our CEO Boris for a live example of how to use Riddle with Zapier’s lookup tables.

Using Lookup Tables to add tags to Mailchimp Lists using Riddle Test results

How to set up Zapier’s lookup tables and Riddle

Okay, ready to dive in?

After completing the basic steps of connecting Riddle and your CRM tool in Zapier, add a step in between, using the Zapier Formatter / Utilities / Lookup Table tool.

What’s a lookup table?

It performs a simple task:

  • It looks at the value of a Riddle field (“Personality Result Title” for example).
  • Then based on the value of that field, it creates a new value.

Here’s an example:

  • You have 2 tags in MailChimp: “Awesome” and “Nice”
  • Your personality test has 2 results “Awesome personality” and “Nice personality”.

If you want to add a tag to your leads based on the results, you need to set up a lookup table like this:

how to setup a lookup table

You can now use these values when you create a new account in your CRM.

  • All it takes is to select the “custom” option when mapping data.
  • When selecting “custom” you can use the values generated by the lookup table to populate your CRM’s data.

Testing your zap – some final advice

Please note that you should always skip the tests when using Riddle with

It’s a good idea by Zapier – but it doesn’t apply to Riddle.

  • Riddle data is generated dynamically when an end user goes through a quiz.
  • There is no default data we can send to Zapier, so all tests will fail.

Alway complete your zaps by skipping the tests and then testing out the flow yourself with a published Riddle.