Our Tap & Find quiz type is the first in a brand new direction for Riddle’s quizzes. Inspired by classic games like ‘spot the difference’, images are at the heart of the action with Tap & Find.
Challenge your users with this new quiz to search and find answers directly with each picture.
Mobile-friendly, your audience can tap directly on their screen. Desktop users will click with their mouse.

There are two types of questions:

  • Image search – users search for clues in one image
  • Spot the difference – users find what’s different between two images
  • Each quiz can mix any number of these question types.

Tap & Find – what types of images can I use?

  • Google
  • Pexels
  • Upload from your computer
  • Riddle stock photos
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

(Tap & Find currently supports static images only – our tech folks tell us it’s realllllly difficult to put clues in a moving video.)

Tap & findHow to make your own Tap & Find:

  1. Add your images
  2. Create hot spots – these are the ‘tap-able’ spots (rectangles/circles) in each image.
  3. (Optional) Add correct answer message for each spot – that appear when found.
  4. Select how many lives (chances) your user will get for each question.
  5. (Optional) You can select ‘unlimited’ to give your audience unlimited chances to find the answer.
  6. (Optional) Reveal answers – users who are stumped can click this to reveal all remaining answers.
  7. (Optional) Give me a clue – your audience can click this button, and get a visual hint for the next clue.

Tap & find

Tap & Find Example

And here’s a live Tap & Find around Team Riddle’s favorite band, the legendary Queen that uses both types of questions as well Riddle’s new quiz timer:

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