How does the ‘disable auto-scroll’ option work?

Riddle’s embedded quizzes work seamlessly on almost every web site and CMS around.

But occasionally, you might notice a behaviour where the view is not taken automatically to the top of the quiz unit after each question. For example:

  • user answers question
  • scrolls down to view answer description
  • clicks ‘next’
  • does not ‘jump’ back to the top of the quiz, but has to scroll up.

We have an auto-scroll feature, which works great for most implementations. But depending on how you added the Riddle iFrame it leads to this behavior (especially if the Riddle is very long).

Alternatively, sometimes your website’s top navigation bar might demonstrate some odd behaviours – it’s for the same root cause. 

  • To fix, we recommend turning the ‘disable auto-scrolling’ feature on in the ‘Publish’ step. 
  • Re-embed again: you’ll also need to copy/paste the fresh embed code into your page/post.
    • If you’re a little code-savvy, you can just change value of our auto scroll functionality from “false” to “true”.