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Want to send your quiz takers to a specific page based on their quiz responses? It’s super easy with Riddle’s quiz result landing pages – no coding required.

Quizzes are a powerful way to qualify potential leads – with users answering questions based on their own needs. Instead of just including links or call to action buttons, our partners wanted to automatically send each quiz taker to a URL based on their quiz results.

Some sample use cases:

  1. Product recommendations: Have your audience answer X questions, then take each to your product that matches their needs.
  2. Content discovery: Learn what each customer is interested in, then send them to the right content on your site.
  3. Qualifying leads: Save your sales team’s precious time. Got a hot lead? Show them your ‘request a demo’ page so you can close the sale. Someone just idly browsing? No need for a demo – just show them more product information.
quiz result landing pages

Quiz result landing pages – the basics:

Here’s how the quiz experience would work for your audience:

  • One of your audience starts taking your quiz.
  • They are blown away by your quiz’s wit and insight.
  • After the last question – they are automatically directed to any URL you specify.
  • Simply add the URL you’d like them to visit (https:// only)
  • Choose to have your quiz result landing page displayed within the Riddle iFrame as part of the quiz experience – or outside as a full web page. We suggest to display the result landing page outside the Riddle iFrame as many modern webservers have security settings that prevent your result page to be loaded inside the Riddle iFrame.
  • You can choose either different URLs depending on each user’s quiz responses – or one landing page for all quiz takers.
    • Individual responses: in the ‘Create’ section, click on the ‘custom result page’ in any results
    • Same URL for all quiz takers: in the ‘Advanced’ section, select and complete ‘Activate custom result landing page’ section.

For advanced users, you can also personalize the landing page – our quiz can tell your page each person’s name, quiz results, and other info directly on your site (ex. “Hi – you’re !”) It takes a little bit of coding expertise – but can be a very powerful customized quiz experience.

IMPORTANT: The default setting for sending any data to the custom result page is OFF. Some servers have security settings that prevent opening a page that is receiving POST data from an external source, which is why we turned this off by default. If you want to send the Riddle data to your result page, make sure to disable this switch on the advanced tab of your Riddle.

Allow riddle to send POST data to your custom result page

If you are curios about the data we send to your customer result page, click here to learn how to test and explore this feature.

Quiz result landing pages – individual responses:

Want to show different URL based on each user’s quiz responses? We recommend using the quiz result landing pages section in each quiz result under the ‘create’ step.

quiz result landing pages

Quiz result landing pages – same URL for all quiz takers:

For a simpler set up, you can send all users to the same URL – no matter what their quiz results were.

Just pop over to our ‘advanced’ section and enter your landing page URL there.

Note: This is a ‘quiz-wide’ setting – and will override your quiz result landing pages in the ‘create’ step.

quiz result landing pages

Quiz result landing pages – use case:

Here’s an example of quiz result landing pages in action.

Imagine you’re a pasta entrepreneur – and offer pasta cooking tips and products through your site.

  • You create and embed “The Pasta Fun Quiz” on your site.
  • A Riddle lead gen form is included, as well as a custom result page.
  • Your audience starts to take the quiz.
  • After the last question and filling out the lead form, they land on your own custom result landing page.
  • It displays their name and result – “Mama mia, Mike, you’re a pasta expert’!” with article and product recommendations from your site.
  • You mention that ‘I noticed you’re a pasta expert – you answered you never need oil when cooking pasta. Check out my five suggested cookbooks to buy for expert chefs like you.’
  • Simple, relevant to the user – and very effective.

Head on over to our sample site – Pasta Fun – to explore how a custom result page can show a dedicated result page based on the quiz outcome and also include data from the lead form to personalize that page.

Context is everything in converting users to paying customers.

We’ve seen conversion rates increase by 43% – showing each person quiz result landing page with the right information and messaging around their quiz answers.

Quiz result landing pages – technical requirements:

  • A server where you can host your own result landing page
  • A HTTPS domain (meaning you need to get a SSL Certificate for your domain). Hint, check out Let’s Encrypt . They offer free SSL Certificates and if you are running Plesk on your server, installing Let’s Encrypt is super easy and requires no tech skills as it comes as a one click Plesk Extension.

Quiz result landing pages – advanced options

Okay, the previous option showed how you to send people directly to any page you set up.

If you have a bit of PHP coding knowledge, there’s another possibility.  It’s a bit geeky – but you’ll be able to dynamically take the quiz taker’s results (plus name & email if using our lead generation form), and display this automatically on your custom result landing page.

Ready to get started? We have a free online course explaining how you can build your own custom result landing page on our Quiz Marketing Academy.

Quiz result landing pages – sample code:

Now that you picked up the basics, head on over to our Documentation to learn more and also grab your copy of our PHP source code that gets you started immediately.

A great example of what you can do with this feature is our new leaderboard. Entirely built using the custom result landing page feature of Riddle.

To get your imagination going, here is another scenario you can now run with Riddle:

  • Build a quiz with a built in lead gen form
  • Create a custom landing page, where you pick up on one of the key answers and write custom result copy around that answer
  • Take the lead data, the answers given and the result and send that to your email marketing tool
  • Automatically generate an email to the lead with extended quiz results and enhanced information, matching the result they got

That’s just scratching the surface… Have something else in mind and unsure how to get started?

Drop us a line at hello@riddle.com – we love to hear from you and we promise to reply to every single email.

Quiz result landing pages – auto sizing:

If you choose to load your quiz result landing pages into the Riddle quiz iFrame, you may find that your result page is bigger than the space provided by the iFrame.

This often comes up if you are using Riddle’s custom CSS feature – you might run into problems with your iFrame custom results.

There are a few ways to get around this but by far the easiest way is to add a little Javascript, which resizes the iFrame.

Just copy the code below right before the closing tag. Please note that this code needs JQuery to be loaded.

Quiz result landing pages – help and resources

Read this post to learn how to test the custom result pages with one of our ready-made examples. This will get you started in 30 seconds or less – promise.

We have a full blown video tutorial on our Quiz Marketing Academy on how to build custom result pages. Make sure to check it out.

Any questions? Just shoot us a message on hello@riddle.com – our founders read and respond to everyone!

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