Automatically close online polls – by date & time

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At Riddle, customer suggestions drive about 90% of all our new product features. So when our partners wanted to automatically close online polls at a specific date and time, we jumped and added this feature.

Automatically close online polls – getting started

By popular request, we added an ‘automatically close online polls’ option. Online polls are brilliant for engaging your audience (check out our ‘3 reasons to add a poll to every article‘ blog post) – however, much of our community wanted to get their audience feedback for only a certain time period – and didn’t want to have to remember to go back to Riddle to turn off their poll.

Now you can launch and embed a poll on your site – and it will stop accepting new votes at any time and date you select.

close online polls

For example – imagine you wanted to get your audience’s thoughts about each round of the next World Cup. They’re brilliant at the time – but you also don’t want your users clicking on a poll a year after the fact.

(As a user, clicking on a no-longer-relevant poll well is a bit like walking into a really boring party – you can almost see the e-tumbleweeds rolling by. Not a good reflection on your vibrant, bustling website – and a quick turn off to the new user.)

You quickly create and embed several polls – then choose the ‘set poll closing date’ to automatically close online polls.

Automatically close online polls – video tutorial

Automatically close online polls – summary

There you have it – another new feature inspired by and created for our Riddle community.

Online polls are great for bite-size engagement – easy to create and embed. Now you can capture your online audience’s sentiment for a specific time window – without having to worry about turning it off once finished.

We hope you like it!

We also put together our best practice guide towards creating effective online polls – full of the concentrated quiz geekery we’ve picked up after being in the business for 15 years now.

(Have your own idea? Please email us at… we read and respond to every suggestion.)

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