Collect Leads

  • How to delete a lead form?

    Sure our lead generation builder is super flexible for collecting emails from potential customers. But sometimes, you might change your mind and decide to not include a lead generation form in a quiz. How to delete a lead form with Riddle’s quiz maker: Click on ‘My Riddles’ Edit your quiz Go to the collect leads step […]

  • Blue State Digital quiz integration

    Quizzes are powerful lead generation and marketing tools. We designed Riddle’s quiz maker to easily connect to all kinds of email marketing tools (like MailChimp, AWeber, and more). Now you can use our new Blue State Digital quiz integration to automatically send all quiz responses and leads to your Blue State Digital account. Quizzes are […]

  • Use Regex to validate lead form entries

    Using a lead capture form before you show the results to a quiz, personality test or poll is a great way to get leads and grow your email list. However, sometimes you need data from your users – and you want to make sure the data is in the right format for processing: Ensure a […]

  • Delete quiz lead generation data

    The EU’s privacy law (the GDPR) has changed everything about how you must delete quiz lead generation data. This sweeping data protection regulation means that companies collecting lead generation data (for example, in a quiz) must delete all personal information within 30 days. Now, normally this would be quite tricky. Your tech team will need […]

  • Adding quiz leads and responses to Google Sheets

    How to use Google Sheets for quiz data storage: Google Sheets is a powerful part of the Google Drive and GSuite package – and is one of the most flexible spreadsheet programs around. You can easily connect your Riddle quizzes with any of your Google Sheets – automatically sending all leads and quiz responses in […]