• How to create an interactive story?

    Do you remember those classic ‘Choose your own adventure’ books when you were a kid? You’d read a page, and then have to choose what happens next. For example, “a door stands before you, but you hear loud breathing. Do you: open it (go to page 87) leave it alone (go to page 56) Our […]

  • Order It: Riddle's drag/drop sequence quiz

    At Riddle, we are constantly adding new types of quizzes to our quiz maker. Our goal? Give our creators a constantly growing tool kit – giving them the creative freedom and flexibility to make awesome quizzes for their audience. Introducing (drum roll, please!) ‘Order It’ – our newest of Riddle’s 12  quizzes.  With Order It, […]

  • How can I copy a quiz?

    Making a copy of any type of Riddle is easy – and a great way to try out new versions of questions, easily support multiple languages, and more. Go to ‘My Riddles’ Click on the three dots next to your Riddle Select ‘Duplicate’ to make a copy of your quiz. You can then edit and […]

  • Learn how to create a 'Tap & Find' quiz

    Our Tap & Find quiz type is the first in a brand new direction for Riddle’s quizzes. Inspired by classic games like ‘spot the difference’, images are at the heart of the action with Tap & Find.   Challenge your users with this new quiz to search and find answers directly with each picture.   […]

  • How are personality test results calculated?

    Our personality test responses use a weighted response system, with a range of 21 options for each choice – so you have maximum flexibility: 0: No association 1-7: Weak association 8-14: Medium association 15-20: Strong association As you move the slider for each response, each ‘tick’ increases the points assigned for that response. A tick […]