• How are personality test results calculated?

    Our personality test responses use a weighted response system, with a range of 21 options for each choice – so you have maximum flexibility: 0: No association 1-7: Weak association 8-14: Medium association 15-20: Strong association As you move the slider for each response, each ‘tick’ increases the points assigned for that response. A tick […]

  • Can I send quiz takers to a URL based on their responses?

    Absolutely! Use our ‘custom result landing pages’ for this. Here’s how it works: One of your audience starts taking your quiz. They are blown away by your quiz’s wit and insight. 😉 After the last question – they are automatically directed to any URL you specify. Simply add the URL you’d like them to visit […]

  • Why use 'call to action' buttons?

    You can add call to action buttons to any Riddle test, list, or poll – perfect for presenting special offers targeted to their quiz results. It’s easy – AND effective. An average of 13% of all quiz takers click on them – compared to 0.1% for typical banner ads. Call to action quiz buttons – how […]

  • Quiz or personality test - what’s the difference?

    A bit like being in school, quizzes have questions with a definite right or wrong answer – and each user gets a final score. So for a quiz around “How I Met Your Mother”, you might ask questions like “Just what the heck does Barney do for a living?” Personality tests are different – giving […]