Quiz lead generation 2.0 – build your own lead forms

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After months of hard work (and way too much coffee), our team at Riddle is proud to announce our Lead Generation 2.0 is now live. Completely rebuilt from the ground up, our quiz lead generation 2.0 module features a drag/drop form builder, 16 different types of data fields, and easy connectivity to your marketing software.

Now it’s even easier to use Riddle’s quiz maker to collect leads and user responses – then send personalized follow ups from your email marketing software.

quiz lead generation 2.0

Quiz lead generation 2.0 – the back story:

Our Riddle community has been flat-out amazing, continually inspiring us with a steady stream of product ideas to improve our quiz maker. About 90% of all our new features come from you – and Lead Generation 2.0 was no different.

quiz lead generation 2.0

Riddle’s been around since 2014 (that’s an eternity in ‘internet’ time!) – and our community is facing new tech challenges and government data regulations.

The solution?

We started over.

Riddle’s ace tech team started from scratch – and redesigned our entire lead generation system. And frankly, it’s pretty awesome.

Quiz lead generation – our goals:

  • More field data options: Our original lead forms allowed only five fields – all free text only. You wanted more options!
  • Drag/drop form builder: Unleash your creativity – craft your forms with different layouts, saved templates and 16 types of data fields.
  • Easier connectivity: Connect to your email marketing system, or save leads and data to Google Documents, DropBox and more.
  • GDPR-compliant: The EU is introducing the GDPR – a major change to internet privacy – affecting companies worldwide. Riddle’s Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 is fully compliant (learn more).

Quiz lead generation 2.0 – overview:

Quiz lead generation 2.0 – rollout:

This is a big project. We’ll be continually improving our quiz lead generation module going forward. Here’s what’s next on tap:

  • Beta (Jan. 2018): full form functionality, plus MailChimp, AWeber, and save leads to XLS/CSV.
  • Live! (Jan. 2018): Google Documents and DropBox support, plus additional form styling options.
  • Ongoing (Feb. 2018 onwards): We’ll continually be integrating  more email marketing software:
    • Active Campaign
    • Constant Contact
    • Convert Kit
    • HubSpot
    • GetResponse
    • And more! (Missing yours? Please email us at hello@riddle.com.)

Let’s take a high level look at the improvements.

Our team put in a lot of effort on giving you more options with quiz lead generation data fields. Check out the difference:

To round things off – look at how Riddle’s quiz lead generation 2.0 stacks up in other key areas:

And hey – this just the start. We’ll be rolling out more features. Did we miss anything? Let us know at hello@riddle.com!

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