ConvertKit Lead Generation with Riddle

ConvertKit is an awesome email marketing tool. Now you can connect Riddle’s quiz maker – so you can easily gather the emails and names of each quiz taker. Here’s how you can connect ConvertKit with your Riddle quiz – so you can use a user’s quiz results to seamlessly send out personalized marketing emails for more conversions.

Not a coder? No worries – it’s simple to set up.

Check the post below – it will walk you through how to use a slick app called Zapier ( to connect your Riddle quiz with your ConvertKit account.

(Side note – if you do have experience coding skills, you can do the same thing using our webhook. Here’s our blog post that talks about this in more detail.)

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Want more info?

Click to see how to connect Riddle by using a webhook.
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ConvertKit Lead Generation with Riddle: Step by Step

Right – so let’s crack on. I’ve included an example below around Zapier email collection. You’ll see how to create a Riddle – then add a basic lead capture form and sync the data to your ConvertKit account.

hubspot lead generation
  • Make your free account at
  • All sorted? To get going, click on ‘Make a Zap’
hubspot lead generation
  • Pick ‘Zapier utilities’
  • And select the ‘Webhook’ choice
hubspot lead generation
  • Next up – select ‘catch a webhook’.
  • Now, fear not – the next screen on Zapier seems a bit complex. You can skip this one – it’s for advanced users in case they need to include advanced details.
hubspot lead generation
  • Zapier will then create your webhook’s URL
  • Copy this URL
  • Scoot over to – then click ‘Create’ to start your own type* of Riddle quiz to use along with your Zapier webhook

*Almost all types – just not reaction polls – which do not feature lead generation forms (yet!).

hubspot lead generation
  • Create a Riddle – and select ‘lead gen form’ in the ‘Collect Leads’ step.
  • Okay – one important detail: neither MailChimp or our In-Quiz iFrame function for this step. Please select our Riddle lead form – so our system can ‘catch’ your quiz data. These other choices end up with data not going to Zapier – so won’t be passed to your ConvertKit account.
  • Two fields: we recommend adding at least 2 fields (Email and name) to your form. We’ll send this data with each of your quiz leads to ConvertKit.
hubspot lead generation
  • Pop over to the “Advanced” tab in Riddle  – and paste in your Zapier webhook URL.
  • Next – click ‘publish’ and then open your Riddle quiz in a new browser tab or window.
  • (VERY important) You’ll need to play your entire quiz at least once – including completing your lead gen form with data.
    • Zapier’s picky – and it will not work if you skip this part.
  • Okay – now head to Zapier, and tap on “OK, I did this”.
  • (The back story? Zapier’s making extra sure that the ConvertKit lead generation connection is set up before you proceed.)
hubspot lead generation
  • Okay – now Zapier will test everything out, and (fingers/toes crossed for luck) should show this success message.
hubspot lead generation

Pick where the information from your Riddle quiz should go. Zapier’s awesome – they already have 700+ tools set up you can send data to.

  • Choose ConvertKit then ‘continue’.
hubspot lead generation
  • The action you want to use with ConvertKit is to add new subscribers from your Riddle lead gen form.
  • Please select the option ‘Add subscriber to a form’ and click continue.
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(We’re almost there – hurrah!) Now we just need to tell Zapier how to map the entries from the Riddle to a corresponding ConvertKit form.

  • First you need to select one of your ConvertKit lists (I would suggest to create a test list in ConvertKit for this exercise).
  • Next you need to match the fields from the Riddle to corresponding ConvertKit fields.
    • Email -> Lead Email
    • First Name -> Lead Name
    • When you are done with the matches click continue.

Yay – you’ve done it! Your ConvertKit lead generation zap is good to go.

  • Give your new ZAP a name and activate it.
  • Now, when you go through your Riddle again and submit a lead, Zapier will enter that lead into your ConvertKit account.
  • Please be patient when you are testing this, we’ve found that Zapier sometimes takes up to 20 minutes to process these requests.
  • After that, you can set up automation rules – so that contacts tagged with a certain result get a personalized, relevant follow up message based on their results.

Definitely time for a coffee/beer/other beverage of your choice – you’ve earned it!