Or do you cut corners by outsourcing support and relying on online help resources?

Absolutely. Everyone at Riddle (from our CEO Boris on down) helps with customer support through our support chat.

(We also regularly run free webinars and onboarding/quiz best practices sessions – to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Riddle quiz maker subscription.)

And we all race each other to respond first. That means you’ll get an answer fast – lightning-fast (our response time is under two minutes).

To be honest, that might also be due to our monthly competition – the person who assists the most customers wins free beer. Our team is mostly German – so we love beer!

But seriously, put us to the test.

Ask us anything – we can help with technical questions, give you feedback on your quiz, or tips on how to improve your quiz marketing strategy.

The bottom line? We’re big customer support geeks – and love to help out.