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  • Delete quiz lead generation data

    The EU’s privacy law (the GDPR) has changed everything about how you must delete quiz lead generation data. This sweeping data protection regulation means that companies collecting lead generation data (for example, in a quiz) must delete all personal information within 30 days. Now, normally this would be quite tricky. Your tech team will need […]

  • Adding quiz leads and responses to Google Sheets

    How to use Google Sheets for quiz data storage: Google Sheets is a powerful part of the Google Drive and GSuite package – and is one of the most flexible spreadsheet programs around. You can easily connect your Riddle quizzes with any of your Google Sheets – automatically sending all leads and quiz responses in […]

  • Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 - connecting to MailChimp

    We designed Riddle as an easy to use, super powerful quiz marketing platform. With Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 – you can collect emails and quiz responses, then automatically send them to your MailChimp account. Gather emails and quiz responses to segment leads – then send out personalized follow up messages, based on each user’s quiz […]

  • Quiz Lead Generation 2.0 - changing or disconnecting a data connection

    Have you set up a connection to MailChimp or another of our natively integrated apps in our lead generation 2.0 form builder – and now want to change it? No problem – it couldn’t be easier: Select the ‘Connect’ option in the form builder Click on the ‘x’ below your connection (in the example below […]

  • Riddle's Zapier app - help & FAQ

    What Riddle triggers and actions are supported? Supported triggers Post Riddle quiz – triggers after any type of Riddle quiz is completed. Once your Riddle quiz is completed, all data from the Riddle (including anything that was entered into a lead form) will be sent to Zapier. Supported actions Riddle only sends data to Zapier […]