Welcome to Riddle 2.0!

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These are exciting times for all of us at Riddle. It seems like just yesterday that we saw that it was the millions of social creators (like you!) who were fundamentally improving the very way the world discovers and share great content – from blogs to Facebook, Twitter to Instagram and beyond.

But with so many social networks out there – it’s getting more and more complicated for you to not only keep creating and posting great content, but connecting with your fans to keep growing your audience.

That’s where Riddle comes in.

Using all of the great feedback and ideas our community and partners have provided, we proud to announce Riddle 2.0 is here. Better… faster… stronger (hey, who doesn’t love 70’s action icon the Six Million Dollar Man).

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What’s new?

All of our Riddles are:

    • Image-first: every image, video, or GIF will fill the screen – grabbing the viewer’s attention
    • Smartphone-friendly: create great content from your mobile phone or desktop, that plays nicely no matter what device your fans use to view it.
    • Scroll-free: all text and choices will appear on each screen, so no awkward scrolling to read more.
    • Free!

Social dashboard:

Making a great Riddle is just the start. With our intuitive new dashboard, you can create compelling interactive posts then learn what your friends and fans loved most.


Create. Post. Learn. (Repeat) – that’s what Riddle is all about.

Now it’s your turn – we can’t wait to see how you use Riddle!


Chief Riddler

P.S. Any ideas or feedback? Give us a shout at hello@riddle.com – we love reading and responding to every email.

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