API V2 – Documentation

Our API version 2.0 is now (August 2019) available. The full API documentation can be found here. https://www.riddle.com/docs/api/v2/ To help you get started, you can either use Postman or the sample PHP script below. When using Postman, please add the authentication parameters to the Headers as shown in the screenshot below. The token needs to …

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Our webhook will send the quiz data to your system – for each person who completes your included lead generation form. Here are some examples how you can use our webhook to integrate with your various data systems. Check out our blog post if you’d like some background info on how our webhook works.  The …

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Ad refresh outside Riddle

This example shows you how to refresh ad units on your page when the Riddle advances to the next question. Make sure to alter the script by inserting the ID of the DIVs containing your ads. function onMessage(event) { if (event.data && event.data.riddleEvent) { var riddleData = event.data.riddleEvent; if (‘object’ === typeof (riddleData)) { // …

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