New AI quiz maker helps marketers drive traffic, generate content and capture data on websites in an instant

Riddle’s new AI quiz maker creates online quizzes in seconds – not minutes – providing opportunities to quickly develop website content, increase Google ratings and drive traffic

Riddle has released the first AI powered quiz maker. It will enable its customers to create quizzes in seconds instead of minutes. Sports teams and publishers use Riddle’s quizzes to engage with audiences, capture data, drive traffic and raise brand awareness. A fast turnaround will make creating this popular method of interactive content more frequent as it is produced almost instantly. The AI quiz generator was developed using the public API from OpenAI, the company that brought us ChatGPT.

Organizations need a stream of new content to generate traffic and promote stickiness on their sites. AI-generated quizzes are perfect for this, rapidly creating new content that increases Google SEO rankings while staying more relevant to the day’s trends and news agenda.

CEO and founder Boris Pfeiffer commented, “Clients love producing quizzes for content but time has always been a factor against them. Our new AI quiz maker overcomes this. Customers can now create instant quizzes in real-time to capture responses, data or simply to entertain their audiences. Client feedback so far has been unanimously positive.

“Unlike Buzzfeed, we let organizations create quizzes to use in their communications strategy, not for our own personal content, and our new AI quiz generator will speed up this process.” 

The AI-powered quiz maker was developed after consultations with a selection of Riddle’s clients, and is now released in beta.

Customer feedback

“This new AI technology means we can turn the quizzes around in 20 seconds with AI. Before it would have taken 20 minutes manually,” said Nikola Popov, founder of the sports quiz site “It also means we can involve more staff creating them, which is brilliant. Our audience loves taking football quizzes. But time was always a factor to produce them quickly enough, especially on game days. Now, we can turn them around really quickly and keep our fans entertained.”

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