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Why make a quiz?

  • Improve user engagement and encourage visitors to stay 37% longer
  • Grow your audience with the most viral type of shared content
  • Easily monetize quizzes by increasing your ad inventory by 8 to 10x
  • Collect first-party data and insights to understand users and create segments
  • Gather high-quality leads by adding flexible lead forms into your quizzes
  • Increase conversions by using data to personalize and target content
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How to use quizzes

Test knowledge

Design quizzes on topical subjects from sporting events to pop culture. Your audience will love sharing their results, bringing you more traffic.

Host competitions

Give people the chance to enter competitions or raffles by taking a challenging quiz. Make it more difficult and exciting by adding a timer!

Games and puzzles

Keep your visitors entertained with quizzes. Boost your engagement and time spent on your site with games like ‘spot the difference’ or ‘guess who’.

Education and training

Quizzes are a perfect way to test your employees or students. And with dynamic results pages, you can decide what’s a pass — and what’s a fail!

Make quizzes as unique as your business

Leverage AI for easy content creation

With our intuitive AI quiz maker, anyone can create a compelling quiz in under a minute.

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Build without code, embed anywhere

With our simple visual builder, anyone on your team can create a quiz in minutes. Embed quizzes into any CMS or site-builder, as easily as adding a YouTube video.

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Design flexible, rich content experiences

With countless question possibilities, branching logic and multimedia tools, you can design unique quizzes. Easily enrich your quizzes with images and GIFs to videos, audio, and other multimedia elements.

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Customize to your own brand styling

All our quizzes are white-labeled, giving you a blank canvas. Change colors, fonts, and styles — and customize further with our CSS editor. Design branded templates to publish again and again.

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Top tips for quizzes

Keep your quiz between 6 and 8 questions to keep users engaged. Get more handy tips like these in our guide.

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Add Riddle content into any CMS or site-builder, and connect to a huge range of marketing tools.

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Riddle meets global privacy protection requirements, keeping your customers’ personal data safe and secure.

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