Monetize your quizzes with in-quiz ads

Quizzes are brilliant traffic magnets – people love taking and sharing them. You can monetize quizzes with Riddle’s quiz maker – using our wide range of options to earn revenue from your quizzes, polls, surveys, personality tests and more.

(Note: we never, ever run our own ads in your quizzes.)

Riddle monetization options

  • Lead generation – this is our default option to monetize quizzes. Collect leads before you show quiz results. The conversion rates for this type of lead collection can be quite mind blowing at over 34%. Check out our summary of how to work with our lead gen options.
  • Video ads – part of our Team plan – instead of showing a lead form, show a video ad before showing the results. Anyone who spent 3 to 5 minutes answering questions, will have a very high likelyhood of sticking around to watch 10 to 20 seconds of video. Highly engaged viewers with conversion rates in the 95% range. You can also use this placement to show regular banner ads of course.
  • Call-to-action buttons and links in your results – One of the easiest ways to monetize your quiz. Place relevant text ads or call-to-action buttons in your results. If done right, these work extremely well. You can tailor the offers to the respective quiz result so that someone who gets the result “Take a vacation on the beach” in the “What is your dream holiday?” quiz, will see links to relevant beach vacations you are offering. Read more on call-to-action buttons here.
  • Banner ads – You can place banner ads above and below your quiz using our in-quiz iframe ad unit. Read on for an examples and instructions how to use this option (requires our Business Plan).
  • Refresh ads on your page – Quizzes generally have 6-8 questions. You can set up your quiz so that every X questions, the surrounding ads on your page refresh, which provides more ad revenue.

Live example

The sample quiz screenshot below uses a simple, static iFrame below the quiz unit to display an ad.
You can of course also use this placement to display dynamic ads from your ad server. All it takes is either an iFrame URL where Riddle can find these ads or you can set up ad tags for your team in the project settings.

Riddle quiz with iFrame ads below it.

Ads using iFrames

To add your own ad to your Riddle, go to the Settings step and select the “BRANDING & FOOTER” tab.
You can turn on the iFrame option there and enter the URL from your server, where Riddle can find the iFrame code. Make sure the URL starts with https:// – otherwise it won’t load.

How to add an iFrame ad to a Riddle quiz

Here is some sample code to get you started with your iFrame. Feel free to use this example and modify it to your needs. If you also want to use static images, make sure to alter the example so the image paths are altered according to your server settings.

Monetize quizzes: using ad tags from your ad server

Are you serving your ads from Doubleclick, Google Ad Server or other ad servers? If they’re providing you with a quiz ad tag that you can run inside an iFrame, this should be your preferred option to monetize quizzes.

Go to your project settings and select the “ads” tab (see screenshot) to insert your own ad code. You can use variables that your Riddle creators can overwrite on a per Riddle basis. To use variables in your ad tag, add them in curly braces {}. Make sure to assign default values to each variable as shown in the example in the screenshot below.

How to add ad slots in Riddle quizmaker

You can create up to 5 different ad slots per project. Once these are created, the creator can select an ad slot in the settings screen to add this ad unit to the Riddle (just like the iFrame explained above).
Creators can also overwrite the default values for the variables, giving you unlimited flexibility for your ad serving.

Please note that your ad tag needs to be responsive as the Riddle units itself is also responsive or you need to make sure you can serve ads for each mobile breakpoint.

Please note that this feature is only available to subscribers to our Business and Enterprise plan (you can see see our pricing and features here).

Any questions?

Of course, we’re big believers in awesome (and fast) customer support.

If you have any questions about our quiz ad options, please ask us on support chat or reach out to

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