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How Riddle gathers rich user data

When gathering second and third-party data, data is limited and less reliable. Our customer insights platform combines data given with quiz answers to give you first-party data.

With Riddle quizzes, you’ll have more control over what you learn about your audiences, directly from them.

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How Riddle can help your business today

Improve targeting with user segments

Use insights to shape customer segments which help you target content at the right person at the right time.

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Create personalized email content

Tailor emails to customer behaviors, preferences and needs, driving more engagement and conversions.

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Enrich data for logged-in users

Where tracking data is difficult, Riddle builds on what you’ve already collected around logged-in users.

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Choose from 15 interactive content formats

  • Quizzes, polls, and surveys
  • Competitions and raffles
  • Sponsored content
  • Product recommendations
  • Listicles and more
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GDPR/CCPA compliant

Riddle meets global privacy protection requirements, keeping your customers’ personal data safe and secure.

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