Why do top agencies use Riddle's quiz maker?

Hey - we get it. Agencies face a tough balancing act - exceeding their client expectations happy while battling tight resources and timelines.

Why agencies turn to Riddle's quiz maker for interactive content for their clients

That why we created Riddle - to deliver beautiful interactive content with our online quiz creator for your campaigns in minutes.

Best of all? Our quiz maker works out of the box with any CMS from Squarespace to Wordpress - with zero coding.

Unmatched creative & data collecting options for agencies

  • First party data collection - add quiz making and lead generation to your agency's superpowers.
  • Wow your clients - create a quiz that engages fans, gather emails and leads online, and kickstart a social conversation.
  • 100% white-labeled - collaborate as a team to quickly create client-branded quizzes, polls, and other irresistible interactive content.
Unmatched creative and date collection options for agencies and their clients

EdenFrost Communication's clients love quizzes

Amsterdam's tourist board turned to EdenFrost for help crafting a clever, original campaign to get tourists excited the city's vibrant music and arts scene - especially outside the crowded city center.

The solution?

This charming, quirky "What's your perfect Amsterdam festival?" personality test from "I Amsterdam" - encouraging visitors to explore Amsterdam's 300 annual festivals.

EdenFrost uses Riddle's online quiz maker for clients like the Amsterdam tourism board

Create interactive content for any budget

Every client is different, with different goals, objectives, and budgets. Riddle helps you create interactive content for all of their needs.

Total creative freedom with Riddle.com

Craft custom client experiences for everything from audience engagement to contests and lead generation using:

  • Timed quizzes
  • Contests and promotions
  • Audience polls/surveys
  • Personality tests/assessments
  • Native advertising
  • Listicles
  • Sponsored content

Pink Squid got quiz-creative for Nando's

London creative gurus at Pink Squid had a difficult brief.

The fast-growing global restaurant chain Nando's wanted a social, fun way to get 18-24 year olds excited about joining their team.

Pink Squid got together to make a quiz called "What kind of Nandoca are you?" personality test.

Pink Squid used Riddle's quiz maker for their restaurant client Nando's

The agency used our quiz maker to design with custom CSS and upload Nando's corporate font so their quiz matched Nando's branding.

Convenient, campaign-based pricing

No long-term contracts or sign up fees.

Riddle's pricing is an intuitive as our online quiz creator - and designed for agencies.

Flexible for your clients' needs - no set up fees or long-term contracts
  • Sign up for just a month for a short client campaign.
  • Or, subscribe and save with our annual plans to support all of your clients.

Quiz making without limits

Don't worry if your clients' quizzes get large amounts of quiz takers and leads.

All our test maker plans include unlimited quizzes, email collection, and traffic.

Seriously - collect millions of emails from unlimited numbers of quiz takers, starting at just $59 a month.

All Riddle plans are unlimited - unlimited traffic, quizzes, and leads

Upworthy client-branded quizzes go viral

Social publisher Upworthy has made a great name for themselves - sharing inspiring and challenging content for their millions of followers.

They turn to Riddle's quiz maker whenever they create a quiz - like this 100% client-branded "What motivates you to be sweet and kind?" personality test:

Upworthy created a 100% white-labelled client quiz with Riddle's quiz creator

Collect emails and quiz data for your clients

Go beyond engagement with quizzes.

Collect leads online - both emails and user responses, then send them automatically to your client's marketing software or data warehouse.

Qualify and segment each lead by their answers - for personalized follow up and conversions.

Collect leads and data in a quiz - and send to your client's CRM or data warehouse

Connect with your clients' marketing software - no coding required

Avoid data headaches. Riddle's quiz maker seamlessly syncs with over 5,000 marketing tools. from Salesforce and HubSpot to Marketo and MailChimp.

Power your clients' marketing funnel with quizzes.

Send all quiz leads and responses to your clients with our Zapier app.

Send all quiz leads and data to your clients' CRM or data warehouse with Riddle's quiz maker

Display in-quiz video and banner ads

Quizzes are excellent marketing opportunities for your clients' campaigns:

  • Leverage our 'custom in-quiz iFrame' - quickly embed your client's video ads, sign up pages, or any other content as an iFrame.
  • You can also place banner ads below your quiz - and refresh your client's surrounding page ads after each question.
  • With 6-8 questions a quiz, that amounts to over a 600-800% lift in ad inventory and monetization.
Place your clients' ads or video in their quizzes with Riddle's quiz builder

Minute Media delivers custom sponsored content through polls and quizzes

See how Minute Media wows their clients with clever video polls on their site 90min.com.

Polls are quick and easy to create - and provide a compelling reason to stop and click to vote for today's fickle audience.

See this in action with their sponsored poll for Kumho Tyres:

Minute Media delivered video polls for Kumho Tyrres with Riddle's online quiz maker

Automatically send users landing pages - based on quiz results

Show visitors unique call to action buttons or send them to different landing pages, depending on how their answers.

Present customized offers or content personalized to the user's interests and results with our quiz landing pages or call to action buttons .

Redirect quiz takers to different URLs based on their quiz results with Riddle

For example - imagine you created a "What's your dream vacation?" quiz for your tourism client. At the end of the quiz, you could:

  • Use our quiz result landing pages to automatically direct visitors to yourclientsite.com/citybreak or yourclientsite.com/beachgetaways.
  • Show 'call to action' buttons with custom offers - 'Save $50 off your next citybreak' or 'Get sandy - Mexico trips from $199'.

Add tracking and ad pixels to optimize your clients' quiz traffic

We support Google Tag Manager and the Facebook/Meta Pixel so you can place your favorite conversion pixels to track quiz starts, completes, leads and more.

Drive paid traffic to your client's quiz, then optimize traffic sources based on which provided the most leads.

Track conversions, lead form completions, and other quiz events with Google Tag Manager or Meta/Facebook Pixel using Riddle's quiz maker

Raven Creative and Price Waterhouse Coopers

Content agency Raven Creative are big fans of our online quiz maker's unrivalled flexibility.

Their client PWC needed a custom layout, so Raven Creative used CSS to change the quiz layout to match PWC's brand for their report educating senior executives about cognitive bias:

Raven Communications used Riddle's CSS editor to customize their client PWC's interactive report

Collaborate with your clients

Winning and keeping clients is a team effort.

Our quiz maker makes collaboration easy with three levels of user access (admin/editor/author) - or you can assign your own user privileges.

Work together with Riddle.com's multi-user features

Create projects around campaigns or clients, then invite agency contributors and client stakeholders.

Quickly collaborate, get sign-off, and get your clients' content live - from quizzes and polls to surveys and other interactive content.

Deep data analytics for your clients

Measure and optimize your clients' entire quiz funnel - from ads to quiz starts, completions, and leads.

Riddle's quiz maker is designed to easily collect 1st party data, where users opt-in to in-quiz lead forms.

Connect your favorite tracking - from Google Tag Manager to Facebook (Meta) Pixel - and track key events and conversions.

How publishers optimize their quizzes using analytics with Riddle.com

Exceed your clients' expectations with unbeatable support

We'll help you hit the ground running. You'll have your own content strategist and account manager - to assist you in taking client dreams into top-notch interactive content reality.

Need ideas for an upcoming campaign? Or just tips around polishing your quiz and lead funnel? Your strategist will be happy to help out.

Riddle.com's content strategists will help you succeed

Have a question about making a quiz for client campaigns?

We're passionate about customer support here at Riddle - and take pride in being fast with customer support.

Drop us a message via support chat or hello@riddle.com - you'll see our entire product team quickly responding to your question.