Why do marketers use Riddle's quiz maker?

Finding new customers is tough in today's noisy marketplace. You know it - we know it.

Why marketers use Riddle's quiz maker'

That's why we designed Riddle.

Our online quiz maker lets any marketer quickly create and embed their own quizzes with integrated lead generation.

  • Break through the clutter - quickly create 100% white labelled quizzes.
  • Automate your marketing funnel - gather emails, qualify leads, and grow your brand's audience.
  • Sync all quiz data to your marketing software for instant follow up messages - personalised for each user's results.

Michelin loves quiz-powered contests

Automotive tire giant Michelin will often create a quiz powered by Riddle's online quiz maker, with a built-in entry/lead generation form.

Their "Which car are you?" quiz featured a drawing for 2 tickets to "2019 Goodwood Festival of Speed".

Why Michelin turns Riddle's quiz maker for quiz contests and lead generation

95% of their quiz takers entered the contest and completed the in-quiz lead form. These opt-ins let Michelin collect their quiz answers and personal information for future marketing.

Create flexible interactive content with branching logic

Marketing's a constant challenge.

Facing forever-shifting objectives, you and your teams always need to balance costs and resources - to get the best return.

The good news? Riddle's online quiz maker can be your powerful interactive content toolkit.

Total creative freedom with Riddle.com

Build custom interactive experiences to engage your audience, convert customers, and collect leads using:

  • Timed quizzes
  • Qualify/convert leads with personality quizzes
  • Contests and promotions
  • Audience polls/surveys
  • Personality tests/assessments
  • Native advertising
  • Listicles
  • Sponsored content for your advertisers

Choice Hotels loves quizzes

The marketers at global hotel giant Choice Hotels regularly create a quiz to inspire their travel-loving clients.

They used our test maker for their "Which U.S. City Should You Travel to Next?" personality test - complete with call to action buttons for direct booking at Choice Hotels in each city.

Why Choice Hotels uses Riddle's personality test maker

(We especially love how they used our CSS editor to customize their quiz - from changing the button styles to moving the title above the quiz image.)

Quiz making without limits (or strings attached)

Our pricing is as intuitive as our quiz maker.

Flexible for your clients' needs - no set up fees or long-term contracts
  • No set-up or cancellation fees.
  • Cancel any time with our monthly plan.
  • Or lock in savings with an annual subscription.

All our plans are unlimited:

  • Unlimited quizzes
  • Unlimited leads
  • Unlimited traffic (more info)

Quizzes excel at engagement

Did you know? Site visitors who start a quiz, poll, list, or survey:

  • Spend 57% more time on your site - increasing your chance to convert them to a customer.
  • Average 2:47 in dwell time per quiz - great for boosting SEO and your organic traffic.
  • Have a 40% opt-in rate for lead generation forms - ideal for finding qualified leads.

Grubhub's quizzes get mouths watering

Restaurant delivery Grubhub's team make a quiz every week - like this "What should you order this winter?" - to recommend new local restaurants for their audience of foodies.

Why Grubhub uses Riddle's quiz maker to create a personality test every week

Quizzes are social. Very social.

It's official - "quizzes are the most shared content" according to AdWeek.

Leverage the power of word of mouth marketing - and drive more potential customers to your site.

Riddle's online quiz creator supports:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • WhatsApp
  • Messenger
  • LinkedIn

Collect emails and quiz data

Collect leads and data in a quiz - and send to your client's CRM or data warehouse
  • Easily collect leads online with our quiz maker.
  • Use our drag/drop form builder to create fully-branded forms.
  • Gather email addresses, names, and other information - with 16 different field choices.
  • Ask users when they're emotionally engaged - before displaying their results.
  • Quizzes get phenomenal opt-in rates - more than 40% (that's a 20X boost the 2% average for standard lead generation tools).

Send your leads to any software

Riddle's quiz maker connects to 5,000 tools (and counting) - from Hubspot to Salesforce, ActiveCampaign to MailChimp.

Send all quiz leads and data to your clients' CRM or data warehouse with Riddle's quiz maker
  • Seamlessly send all your leads and quiz data to your favorite marketing tool - no coding required.
  • Qualify and segment each lead based on their quiz results.
  • Use the insights from each lead's quiz results to send the right messages to the right person - at the right time.

The Chicago Bears score with sponsored quizzes

Pro football's Chicago Bears rely on our quiz maker to create compelling content for their sponsors.

Check out this "Test your knowledge the Bears-Patriots" quiz - sold as a branding opportunity for their sponsors, inserting their logo, video ad, and more:

Chicago Bears create quizzes with Riddle.com

100% white labelled - your quiz, your brand

Why publishers and brands create 100% white labelled quiz content with Riddle.com

Add Google Tag Manager and your tracking pixels

Quizzes are powerful lead magnets. Track and optimize your marketing spend with our flexible tracking technology.

Make a quiz then integrate Google Tag Manager as well as Facebook tracking or any other conversion pixels.

Discover which marketing channel works best for your goals - then optimize traffic sources which had the most shares, completes, or leads.

Track conversions, lead form completions, and other quiz events with Google Tag Manager or Meta/Facebook Pixel using Riddle's quiz maker

The Chicago Bulls slam dunk with quiz contests

Michael Jordan knew a thing or two about scoring - and so do the Chicago Bulls.

Their marketing team will often create a quiz contest like their "Run with us" quiz - supporting their YouTube series of the same name.

Why the Chicago Bulls create quiz contests with Riddle's quiz maker

Talk about a huge bang for the marketing buck...

For just the cost of two tickets, they generated thousands of entries, social buzz, and quiz responses - all who also opted in to be added to their email marketing lists.

Auto-send quiz takers to different URLs

A quiz is just the start of the conversation.

Riddle's quiz builder makes it easy for marketers to send quiz takers to the perfect product or content pages - based on their quiz responses.

Redirect quiz takers to different URLs based on their quiz results with Riddle

Present customized offers or content personalized around each user's interests and results:

Imagine you created a 'What's my dream holiday?' quiz for your tourist site.
  • Quiz takers who got any 'Beach' result could see special island-based offers ("Save $50 on Caribbean holidays") or additional content ("Read our island-hopping guide!").
  • Winter lovers might get discounts on ski trips or advertorials around ski equipment.

Shopify segments their site visitors using personality tests

The marketing gurus at Shopify know a thing or two about creating compelling content to motivate and inspire their audience of entrepreneurs.

Shopify uses quizzes, polls, and our other formats to as content 'anchors' - interactive experiences that serve as the focus of articles, such as "What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?" personality test.

Segment users based on personality quiz results with Riddle's quiz maker

Quiz takers finish the quiz, give their name and email, then see their result (like 'Firestarter').

Each quiz taker can click the in-quiz call to action buttons to read Shopify's follow up piece around each entrepreneur profile.

Create and collaborate as a team

Marketing works best as a team.

Work together with Riddle.com's multi-user features

We designed Riddle's test maker with a powerful multi-user team feature so you can create a quiz together:

  • Make unlimited projects (ex. sales/marketing/content)
  • Invite your colleagues to each team
  • Control access with different access rights (admin/editor/author)

C-SPAN drives book sales with their 'Presidents' quiz

TV network C-SPAN deploys quizzes and other Riddle interactive formats to drive sales of their publishing division's books.

This combination works a treat - check out their "Who were the best/worst presidents in American history?" quiz, promoting their book "The Presidents":

C-SPAN used an online quiz with Riddle.com to promote their Presidents book

Have a question how to use quizzes in your marketing?

Ask away - we're passionate about quizzes and customer support.

It's a Riddle thing - our entire team, from our CEO Boris on down, will race each other to answer your question first.

From quiz making to collecting leads online, we're here to help.

So drop us a line - you can easily reach us on support chat or at hello@riddle.com.