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The passive web is dead

Smart publishers add interactive polls to your website. And it doesn’t stop there. Other interactive content is a key part of their content strategy. Gone are the days where your users would happily read page after page of content on a single site. Here are three reasons you should embed online polls in every page or post.

With so many sites, apps, and other online distractions – the key challenge for any publisher is both catching (and keeping) the interest of their site visitors. These days, it’s all about engaging the user – letting them click, play, vote, and learn.

The problem is that you don’t have a lot of spare time. You need a way to easily create content that gets your audience involved.

This is where you can use a quiz maker like Riddle to quickly create online polls, personality quizzes, and 10 other types of interactive content. Easy to create in just 60 seconds, you can (and should) embed online polls in every post on your site.

Embed online polls: the rise of smartphones

You can blame smartphones, since three out of four people in the developed world have one. Always on and always available, people are spending more and more of their online time tapping, clicking, and interacting with what they read.

The good news is that once you get your audience tapping, commenting or interacting with your site, they stay an average of 34% longer.

Why? It’s basic human nature.

The simple act of giving your opinion means you stop being an observer – you’re now an active participant. And humans are social creatures – once we’re emotionally engaged, we’re far more likely to want to share the word with your friends.

When you add interactive polls to your website, you could boost virality by 21%.

Which online-poll type to use on your website?

Online polls come in all sorts of flavors. Take Riddle’s quiz maker, for example – we have four types of polls (and counting):

  • Opinion Poll (Single and Multiple-Choice)
  • Reaction Poll
  • Upvote Poll
  • Order-it Poll

Overview: Opinion Poll

Our classic opinion poll features one question and from 2 to 10 choices. Intuitive and easy to click, they can be placed anywhere – but we recommend make a poll early in your articles to keep readers interested.

Let your audience give their opinion, and they’re far more likely to finish (and share) the article.

Overview: Reaction Poll

Want something a little different? You should take a look at our ‘reaction poll’ unit.

Using a sliding scale, it’s designed to capture your audience’s ‘gut feel’ about a question. It’s perfect at the end of an article when you want to get users’ sentiment about what they just read. Attracted by its subtly pulsing button, we see an average of 20% of all page visitors click and give their opinion.

Overview: Upvote Poll

Our upvote poll blends the stengths of a listicle with an opinion poll. Listicles are great at summarizing information like “9 great features about the new iPhone” – but they’re pretty passive.

Upvote polls add an engaging voting element – and the list continually reshuffles based on your audience’s opinions.

Again, it’s super easy to create. Just make a list of 3-10 items, add some pictures – and you’re all set.

Overview: Order-it Poll

Let users order a range of options in a way they see fit.

You can create a “bring XYZ in your favorite order” style poll where users have flexibility to rank a set of different answers.

Why you should add interactive polls to your website – a summary

Hope that’s a good high level overview of how and why you should make a poll in every article to help improve your engagement.

They might not be as viral as online quizzes or personality tests, but they’re much quicker to create and proven to work.

Can we answer any questions? Just reach out to us via support chat or send us a message at – we read and respond to everybody!

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