Why create an online survey?

Surveys are a flexible and fun way to find out what your audience thinks about any topic.

Use our online quiz creator to ask:

  • Single choice
  • Multiple choice
  • Open text questions

Easily download or send all responses to your marketing software.

Online surveys - learn from your audience

Riddle's quiz maker makes it easy to ask your audience questions. Surveys can be rich, immersive interactive experiences that let you:

  • Gather valuable insights about your audience - get their feedback on your products, current events, or anything else under the sun.
  • Quickly make a beautiful quiz or survey on your site in under five minutes - no coding required.
  • Collect more leads online - add a lead generation form to collect each survey taker's name, email, and other info, along with their survey answers.

Shopify thrives on collecting audience feedback:

E-commerce mega-brand Shopify knows the value of getting their audience of small business owners and entrepreneurs involved. They created this online survey with our online quiz creator to make sure they are delivering the help tips their community need most.

Is it easy to make a quiz or survey?

Absolutely - Riddle's online quiz maker is simple and intuitive to use. You'll have your first survey up and running on your site in just minutes - with no coding skills necessary.

Fully responsive, your online survey will automatically resize to whatever screen your audience uses - from smartphone to desktop.

Are you using Wordpress? Our nifty test maker Wordpress plug-in lets you quickly publish your surveys directly to any of your Wordpress site's posts or pages.

Quickly find and add images, videos and GIFs

Surveys don't have to be dull. Create a quiz or survey - and use our built-in image resources to add eye-catching images, videos, and animated GIFs:

  • YouTube videos - embed & set the start/end points for any video
  • Google image search
  • Giphy animated GIFs
  • Pexels - high quality, copyright-free stock photography
  • Facebook
  • Twitter - embed any tweet for super-current content
  • Instagram
  • Upload your own photos or GIFs - for ultimate creative control

The BBC loves a good survey

We were super-impressed at the BBC's creativity. They used our online quiz creator to power their 'World Cup of Kits'.

This series of short surveys asked their soccer-mad audience to pick their favorite national jerseys, like 'Germany 1990' vs. 'Brazil 1970'.

Incredibly social - these surveys lit up their social feed:

Gather email addresses through a lead form

We built our quiz maker from the ground up - to be a powerful lead generation tool for your marketing funnel.

  • Display a sign up form after the last question (and before your survey's custom 'thanks for responding' message).
  • In-survey forms have opt-in rates of up to 40% (20X the internet average).
  • Collect name, email, age and other information.
  • Use our drag/drop form builder to make your own form - with 16 types of data fields.
  • Copy and paste in your own forms using our In-Survey iFrame.

Send survey responses to your favorite marketing software

  • Connect your online survey to your marketing software with our online quiz creator.
  • Collect leads online with their survey responses - then pass them to your CRM tool.
  • Directly connect to your MailChimp, Blue State Digital, and AWeber accounts.
  • Send data to any of 1,400 marketing tools like ActiveCampaign, Constant Contact, or more using our Zapier app or our free webhook.

Power your marketing funnel with surveys

An online survey is a non-threatening way to learn more about each person - each person is choosing to answer.

  • Qualify and segment leads online based on their answers.
  • For example, with our quiz maker, you could tag each person who responded "I'm unsatisfied with my phone company" as a hot lead.
  • Follow up with automatic personalized messages to each lead. Start your drip campaign and convert more sales by sending the right message to each lead, using their name and survey responses.

Riddle surveys - powering consumer research:

The UK's leading consumer rights organization Which? loves to use create audience surveys with our test maker to power their outreach campaigns and research. Take a look at their survey about self-driving cars:

Customize your survey - fonts, colors, and more

You can change pretty much every element of your survey - just like when you create a quiz or poll with our quiz maker.

We feature over 50 (and counting!) customization features:

  • Start with picking the perfect colors and fonts to match your website’s look and feel.
  • Ask in their language - Riddle supports 67 languages, including Mandarin, Malay, and right to left characters like Hebrew and Arabic.
  • Create the perfect thank you page: Show your audience how much you appreciate their help using our test maker. Say thanks with the perfect combination of images, GIFs, and text.
  • Customize social sharing: Help your survey go viral - change the message your users' friends will see. Include hashtags and links to get more responses. Our online quiz creator supports Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Messenger. #sweet!
  • Hide the start page: Skip your survey's intro page to immediately display question #1 to your audience. Seeing a question boosts interaction rates - so you get more feedback from your users.

Looking for more? Check out our advanced customization options with our Team and Pro plans:

  • Use your logo: 100% white label your online survey by removing the Riddle branding and adding your own logo (or your clients').
  • Custom footer: Need to show terms and conditions or a privacy policy? Put a footer below your survey - include links to your privacy policy or rules for contests (and keep your lawyers happy).
  • Match your site's fonts: Make an online quiz or survey, then upload your own font or add any from Adobe TypeKit, Google Fonts, and Fonts.com.
  • Customize your CSS: Unleash your creativity and modify any visual element for your survey with our CSS editor. Take control over styling your border, buttons, text, and more - and let our test maker seamlessly match your embedded survey to the design and feel of your website.

Why create a quiz or online survey?

Asking people their opinion is simple - and powerful. It's human nature - people love to give their feedback.

You can gain valuable insights about anything from:

  • Market research - "What features would you like on a new widget?"
  • Customer satisfaction - "How happy are you with our support?"
  • Content strategy - "What types of articles/posts would you like to see?"

Your audience will be pleased that you're asking their opinions - especially when they see you act on their feedback. Turn your audience into your biggest advocates - and benefit from their word of mouth recommendations to their friends.

In addition to happy customers, our quiz creator will help you gain critical data to help guide every facet of your business.

  • Post weekly surveys on your site
  • Find out what makes your most loyal customers tick
  • Learn why lapsed users haven't come back.

Go beyond trusting your gut instinct or "what feels right" - and ask, ask... then ask your audience some more.

You won't regret it.

Got a question about how to make an online quiz or survey?

Don't be shy - ask us anything about surveys or quiz making.

Our quiz maker team are passionate about helping out - we all love answering questions, from our CEO Boris on down.

You can easily reach us via support chat or email (hello@riddle.com) - we try to respond in less than two minutes flat.