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Quiz Maker meets Blog Post

We’re pumped at Riddle… we just rolled out our new social story for our quiz maker. Think of it as ‘quiz meets blog’ – you’ll be able to create a rich long-form text story, full of social media, images, and even your other Riddles.

Ideal if you want to create a longer or more varied experience than a standard quiz – each social story can be completely free-form. Instead of a quiz or poll’s set format, you can mix and match content types however you like.

Check out this social story example below around picking the perfect autumn holiday – it includes text, animated GIFs, quotations, and even tweets from Twitter.

(And yes – the story topic isn’t a coincidence. Living in Manchester in the rainy UK, the sun isn’t something I get to see very often!)


Social story – when to use:

  1. Real-time reporting – Are you covering a sports match? Blogging about the latest Apple release? You can just keep adding mini-chapters to your social story. Press ‘publish’ and your latest version will be pushed live – no need to reembed each time.
  2. Long-form content – Quizzes and polls are great, but their format means you’re a bit limited in terms of flexibility. Social stories are ideal when you want to explore a topic – and keep your readers engaged with social media and other types of Riddles.
  3. Evolving articles – Social stories let you keep adding new chapters – so you can easily include new content as it becomes available. For example, if you were writing a review of the best pizza joints in New York, you could keep adding chapters as you review each new place.

Social story – how to create:

  • Just like any good book, each social story can be organized by chapter.
  • Each chapter can include a title, text, and a main type of media.
  • Unlike other Riddle types – you can also choose to embed any of your other Riddle quiz types.
  • Your first chapter of your social story will be like the cover of your book – this is what your audience will see on your site – or when shared on social media. Create a title and pick an attention-grabbing picture. Images work best – as they display best on Facebook and Twitter.
  • We recommend saving the GIFs, videos, and other content for Chapter 2 or later.
  • Use our quotation feature for emphasis. Check out how you can use any color background or an image – and make your quote really stand out.

Social Story: Standalone lead generation form

Sometimes – you might want to gather leads using Riddle, but outside of a standard quiz or other interactive unit. Now you can – using our social story.

  • Create a social story
  • In Chapter 1′, put your call to action and supporting text.

social story

  • In ‘Customize’, add your lead generation form – and choose to:
  • Press ‘Publish’ and embed on your site

social story

Back story: We know this social story is a bit of a workaround – we’ll be introducing our own standalone lead generation form, along with more formatting options, CSS skinning, and more to match your site’s branding. Stay tuned! 🙂