Personality Quizzes as a Fantasy Gateway to Another World

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In a living room all around the world, men (and an ever increasing number of women) strategize, talk smack, and build fantasy sports dynasties.

These meetings have become ritual, annual tournaments for bragging rights and validation. It is one of the country’s newest pastimes, a huge industry that pits friend against friend; neighbor against neighbor. For former childhood athletes, it is the culmination of afternoons spent on peewee football fields and days filled with dreams of going pro. Wherever you go, you’d be hard-pressed to meet someone who hasn’t participated in the world of fantasy sports.

And it’s not hard to see why.

This relatively new industry allows the average Joe a hands-on interaction with his favorite sport. He is no longer just consuming entertainment, but actively engaging with it.

The success of fantasy sports is strikingly similar to that of quizzes and personality tests. When fans of a sports team, celebrity or brand take a personality test, they get to experience a simulation of that which they have a driving passion.

We all know celebrity is big business. Sports fans show up at training camps just to watch the mundane minutiae of their favorite athletes training for the regular season. Millions of us have a cultural fascination with the lives of celebrities.

Use personality quizzes to tap into this fantasy hunger

Here’s how to give fans a way to experience aspects of their favorite stars’ lives:

  • Craft personality quizzes that incorporate elements of their highly coveted lives.
  • Give scenario-based questions that the average fan would never have to – or get to – answer in real life.
  • Put them in the shoes of the celebrity and let them make the decisions. It’s like an interactive day-in-the-life or choose-your-own-adventure – “Celebrity Edition”.
  • The movie premier is in downtown LA; do you drive your own car or take a limo?
  • Training camp is 2 weeks away, do you show up early or wait until attendance is mandatory?

Here’s a great live example that places a move fan smack dab in the middle of an interactive experience:

Which 80s Action Hero Are You?

The 1980s were a golden era for action films: larger-than-life heroes filled the silver screen as bullets flew, bombs exploded, and a few laughs were had along the way. But which iconic fast-talking or hard-hitting character was most like you?

You are John Rambo!

You're an outsider who doesn't like to follow the rules. You prefer to keep to yourself but are amazingly loyal to those who do get close to you, and will defend the people and things you believe in aggressively and with passion.

You are John Matrix!

You're a natural leader who's also happy to take over and go it alone when you have to. You deeply for those around you and would go to any lengths to help them. Once someone has betrayed you, they're your enemy and you'll cut them out of your life.

You are John McClane!

You're a maverick who prefers to bend or break the rules rather than follow them. You dislike authority but have a fun, wise-cracking attitude that means most people like you. You don't see yourself as anything particularly special, but you're courageous and skilled and will fight for the people and things you love.

You are Axel Foley!

You're the smiling prankster who can be serious when he has to be but prefers to keep things light and fun. You're quick-witted, sarcastic and fun-loving, but also deeply loyal to those you care about. You'd take a bullet for a friend.

You are Martin Riggs!

You're a bit of a loose cannon, living life on the edge. Your friends don't always know quite what to make of you, as you're both fun and intense. A little crazy, perhaps? But also talented, loyal, and willing to fight for what you believe in.

You are Indiana Jones!

You have an adventurous and inquisitive spirit. You love exploring and finding things out about the world and sharing them with others. You approach life with a smirk on your face and remain calm in even the most stressful situations.

True or False: you find it easy to have conversations with strangers



Do you like to dress stylishly, eg wearing a sharp suit?

Style is important

No, I prefer casual

Do you prefer to work alone or as part of a team?



On a scale of 1-10, where 1 is always planned and 10 is always spontaneous, you'd score...




Where would you prefer to have a vacation?

In your own country


Agree or Disagree: You're often a bit of a smart-ass



Do you prefer the city or the countryside?

I love urban life!

Give me small towns and big spaces!

When done well, quizzes transport fans into a fantasy world of the lives of their idols. Personality quizzes take users on a journey through the both mundane and exciting moments of celebrity life.

For brands and marketing teams, this is an incredible tool to speak directly to their fans and customers in order to reach them on a much deeper and more personal level. You’ll see big boosts in your time on site, engagement – and be prepared for a flood of mentions and shares on Facebook and Twitter.

Get personal. Use quizzes and personality tests to connect with your audience and expand your brand.

(And brace yourself for something awesome.)

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