Our scientific tips to create viral content for a niche market (with a real life example)

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We all have a target audience. It’s tempting to try to reach everyone who could possibly be interested in your product, but everyone needs to target a specific group of people. Now you’ve found your niche market, is it big enough to fuel a viral hit on social media?

The answer is probably yes. If your niche is too small you can probably tell enough people about your viral content yourself!

Here is an example of a viral personality test we did with Creative Market. They describe themselves as a ‘platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world’. They are the current leaders in this field. They wanted to create the personality test “If you were a Pantone color, which one would you be?”

Some people might think – ‘A color test? Everyone’s already taken all of those!’ It’s true that color tests have been spectacularly popular, but there’s always a new angle that gets people interested. People have a surprisingly close affinity with color!

The clever part of this test is that it revolves around the Pantone color system – a design industry standard. Pantone select a ‘color of the year’. Not only do they have lustrous names like ‘Marsala’ and ‘Radiant orchid’ they also have sumptuous descriptions.

How Minion Yellow helped this niche market

Matching Pantone colors with personality for designers is very clever but we took it another step further when Chi, our Designer extraordinaire, discovered there was an actual Pantone number for Minion Yellow and Tardis Blue.

This created an extra level of fun and jeopardy as some people really wanted to get Minion Yellow – just as much as others wanted to avoid it! The Twitter feeds were full of designers who were delighted to be a Minion and others raging about the horror of it. Exchanges like the one below have been going for weeks.

“The golden rule to remember for viral content is that people love to share interesting and flattering things about themselves.”

2015-12-01 14_07_01-New notification

2015-12-01 14_09_11-(2) Twitter _ Notifications

2015-12-01 14_09_46-New notification

So what caused this personality test to go viral in this niche market?

There are a number of factors:

  • Creative Market has an active blog and a newsletter with a big user base – this gave the test an initial push
  • Designers identified with the subject of the test
  • Designers liked the descriptions of the colors/ personalities enough to share them
  • They also enjoyed fun element of the Minions, and to a lesser extent the Tardis Blue, polarised opinions leading to more shares for these colors on social media.
  • The main image was appealing and interesting to designers so they were more likely to click on it when it appeared in their social media feeds.
  • The test is still being shared regularly on social media weeks after the launch. It could have done well without the big initial push from the Creative Market blog.

If you were a Pantone color, which one would you be?

Let’s face it. The Pantone colors are very precise. You know exactly what you’re dealing with. However, personalities are much more complex. You might be sure you’ll be linked to a shade of red but your perfect match could be a bright purple. So take a moment before taking the test and then see how close you were!

Marsala 18-1438

Quite simply THE color of 2015, this rich and sophisticated shade is a perfect match for someone as stylish as you. However, we know you’re not the sort of person to have false airs and graces as you’re also blessed with a hearty natural earthiness. You would be just as at home on the red carpet as you would on an organic farm! Don’t believe us? Just try it!

Minion Yellow 13-0851 TCX

You’re the sort of fun person that everyone loves having around them – even if things may not always go as they were planned! This special blend of yellow is thought to heighten awareness and to create clarity. it’s completely up to you how you bring this to the world!

Tardis Blue 2955 C

There’s certainly more to you than meets the eye! A person with true hidden depths you probably continue to surprise people long after they think that they know you. How do you do this? Just by being yourself and using your creative abilities to stretch other people’s imaginations far further than they ever imagined possible!

Tangerine Tango 17-1463

Seductive, sophisticated but with a heavy edge of seduction. Does this sound familiar to you? Well it should do! Your mix of passionate red and the bright friendliness of yellow gives you a magnetic appeal and it’s dramatic power gives you the drive to get stuck into any project. You might just need to turn down the heat in the room when you are in full creative flow!

Radiant Orchid 18-3224

Pantone’s color of the year for 2014; Radiant Orchid is associated with innovation and originality. You won’t be too surprised to read this as it also has a link to inspiring  confidence.  Bright and cheerful, you have a smile for nearly everyone and the solution to just as many problems. Just sit back and watch as people fall for your beguiling charm!

You see some really lazy design: This makes you feel:




Itching to improve it

How does this image make you feel?




What best describes the everyday food you eat?


Varied but with regular styles



In a team brainstorming meeting you tend to:

Come up with lots of suggestions

Get stuck into discussions

Think things over and come up with suggestions afterwards

Have the last word

What type of workspace appeals to you most?

One I can move around in

One with a view

One close to everything I need

One with lots of privacy

Your biggest vice is:

Food that is bad for me

Alcohol or recreational drugs

Being a couch potato

Spending more money than I can afford

What do you suffer from most?



Déjà vu (I knew you were going to ask that!)

Too little time

You have your best creative ideas:

When doing mundane tasks

In the bedroom or having a shower

While walking or commuting

When I’m focused on work

You’d rather create something that:

Makes me very rich!

Becomes a household name

Transforms people’s lives

The science behind creating viral content for your niche market

Is there something that is specialised for your niche? Something that your audience will know more about than the average person? Thought of something? Great! Now think of something fun you can do with it. Keep it as simple as possible – What type of ____ are you? What’s your true ____?Keep the writing style and most of the content on topic, but also ask the user some questions about how they react in certain everyday situations. This helps you split people into the different personality types.Makes those personality types funny, appealing and flattering.Try and use a polarising answer type – like the MinionsUse good images for the articles. You can find a wide selection of sites such as pexels.com offering fabulous free images that you don’t need to attribute. You can also do surprisingly arty things with the title image using Canva – it’s free and is refreshingly easy to use.Don’t give up. Your first effort may not become a viral wonder, but the next one might. Some content lies dormant for a while before it takes off. Experiment with different titles and you should soon be on your way to your first viral hit!

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