Customize quizzes to match your branding

Avoid the “Patchwork Quilt” effect

First – a bit of history about customizing quizzes and ancient quilting. Sometime between the 11th and 13th centuries, patchwork quilts appeared in European homes. As temperatures dropped across the continent, cost conscience residents began stitching together fabrics in order to create a warmer, cheaper blanket.
Early quilters were forced into their craft by necessity, not choice. Today, patchwork is considered a creative pastime; a bridge to a thriftier, more desperate generation. So why, as a relic of the past, do I constantly see patchwork in some of the most modern aspects of our society?

Customizing quizzes: avoid a patchwork site

The most pervasive example, one which I encounter daily, are patchwork websites. These are sites that embed external platforms that don’t match the website’s look and feel. I’m astonished at how many big name brands and publishers are willing to inject a platform that breaks the look and feel of their site.

Professionally designed and maintained sites shouldn’t have to settle for a 3rd party platform that looks like a 3rd party platform. Website design and maintenance cost too much to throw away on an ugly embed. Why would you pay a heavy monthly price and insert content from a quiz creator that doesn’t fit the feel of your brand? You shouldn’t and you don’t have to.

Customizing quizzes: saving your brand

Good content looks native to your brand and keeps a visitor in the experience you built for them. Fans of your particular brand will be more engaged with your brand’s content if it feels like it belongs.

If you’re looking for a quiz creator, here are some best practices we recommend:
The solution is to use a fully white-labeled piece of content that creates a seamless interaction within your site. When everything fits and flows, your audience won’t feel as if they’re being fed something that doesn’t belong.
Your brand is unique, with a carefully crafted design strategy. Use a quiz creator platform that allows content to be customized to match that strategy!

Patchwork quilts can be charming and tell interesting stories of the past. But, patchwork websites? They’re ugly and destroy the story of the present. Keep your website seamless, clean and flowing.

Don’t kill your site with an ugly content embed but create a Riddle quiz that looks appealing and integrates seamless into your website!

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