Use personality quizzes to engage your Readers and fans

Personality quizzes will help you achieve your goals:

  1. Higher reader and fan engagement
  2. Gaining deep knowledge about your readers with first-party data

Engaging readers and fans to spend more time on your website and share content on their social channels is a vital goal of any publisher. Time on site is a key ranking factor. With increased engagement, you will earn more from advertisers and improve your search engine ranking.

As your readers answer personality quiz questions, they will provide deep insights into their behavior and preferences. You can use this data to segment your users and provide perfectly targeted content in your email newsletters and advertising.

Personality quizzes have always been a favorite content for readers. Even before the internet, glossy magazines would have a personality quiz toward the back of the magazine. Up till today, sharing results of personality quizzes ranks among the top social posts, well before cat videos. Readers take personality quizzes to learn more about themselves, making them more engaging and accurate compared to consumer surveys. 

Use results to segment your data

With the Riddle quiz maker, you can use the answers and results from personality quizzes to segment your readers. Creating a quiz on “Which type of fan are you?” allows you to segment users into hardcore and casual fans. Now you have additional information about their fan level added to their user data in your CRM or data warehouse. Based on that, you can tailor follow-up messages to these readers based on their fan level. Hardcore fans will receive different offers via email vs. casual fans. Perfectly segmented and targeted emails outperform un-targeted emails by a factor of 200% to 600%, based on this research paper by Oracle.

Leads and data collection

When combining a personality quiz with data collection, your sign-up rates will go from the typical 1% opt-in rate from a pop-up box to over 30%. Place a form to collect names and emails toward the end of a quiz. You will use the psychological effect that after answering questions about yourself for a couple of minutes, entering a name and an email into a form comes naturally. Compare that to a pop-up disturbing your reading flow as you scroll down a page. You can split your forms into multiple parts with Riddle’s flexible form placements and variables. Ask for a name first to use that name throughout the quiz for personalized content. Then ask for an email before showing the quiz results. 

By placing a Riddle quiz behind a log-in screen, you can even pass a user ID to the Riddle quiz, removing the need to add a form to collect user data. After a user has finished the quiz, send the quiz data and the user ID back to your CRM or your data warehouse to add more data to the user’s profile. Over time and by frequently engaging your readers and fans with new quiz content, you can build very detailed user profiles with first-party data provided willingly and knowingly by your readers. Riddle offers all the tools needed to make your quiz fully CCPA or GDPR-compliant. That includes allowing your readers to opt out of data collection. 


Personality quizzes help publishers increase reader engagement, gain deep knowledge about their readers, and improve search engine rankings. Personality quizzes have always been popular among readers, and sharing the results on social media will increase engagement. With the Riddle quiz maker, publishers can use the answers and results from personality quizzes to segment their readers. Based on that, they can provide targeted content in email newsletters and advertising. Sign-up rates can increase significantly by combining a personality quiz with data collection. Riddle offers tools to make quizzes CCPA or GDPR-compliant, allowing readers to opt out of data collection.

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