Riddle.com’s pricing philosophy: Unlimited content, views and leads

Riddle’s ‘unlimited’ pricing approach is unique among online quiz makers and almost every SaaS service.

Riddle's quiz maker - pricing for all plans includes unlimited quizzes, traffic, and leads
All Riddle plans give unlimited traffic, quiz creation, & leads

Every single plan is unlimited – from our starter Essential plan to Enterprise, you won’t have any limits:

  • No limits to how many people take your online quizzes
  • No limits to how many leads you collect
  • No limits to how many quizzes, polls, or personality tests you create

Take a look at the other quiz makers on the market – you’ll see that they place monthly boundaries around how much you can use their software.

Riddle.com quiz maker pricing – compared to other quiz makers

Other quiz makers out there – limited with expensive upgrade optionsRiddle.com quizmaker – truly unlimited
Caps for how many quizzes you can createUnlimited quizzes, personality quizzes, polls, surveys (15 formats in all)
Limits on how many emails and leads you may collectUnlimited leads and emails collected
Cut-offs about how may people can take your quizzesUnlimited quiz takers
Conclusion: Companies do this on purpose. They want you to fall in love with their software – then pay more the more successful you get with your quiz marketing.Conclusion: We think charging around consumption is out of date. We’re used to unlimited usage on smartphones & broadband – why bill based on your numbers of leads or quiz takers?

Unlimited plans = peace of mind every month – so you can focus on your core business.

At Riddle, we’ve taken an entirely different features-based approach. Simply choose the plan with the features you need.

Riddle quizmaker new pricing page
Riddle plans – all with unlimited traffic, quizzes, and leads

Every of our plans (Essential, Pro, Business, & Enterprise) has access to all of our quiz formats – plus the same lightning-fast customer support.

Each of our plans is completely unlimited.

Simply pick the plan with the features you need – and you’ll be away to the races.

We also give an extra 20% discount to non-profits and educators – we like helping make the world a better place. Just ask us on support chat.

Riddle pricing – the (nice) small print

The only caveat to our unlimited pricing?

All of our Riddle quiz maker plans includes a monthly ‘fair use’ clause of 10 million views.

That’s more than enough for the vast, vast majority of our customers – and supports our low-cost pricing model.

Riddle's quiz maker - pricing for all plans includes fair use cap of 10 million per month.
Fair use with Riddle – 10 million views a month

(We crunched the numbers. 98.47% of Riddle subscribers never come even close to these limits – just the largest global brands and publishers.)

We’re also flexible – and know that sometimes you have an unexpected viral hit.

Don’t worry – the first month of heavy traffic is no problem. We’ll reach out to you personally and give you a heads up.

After that, for folks who go over the limit for a 2nd month, we’ll need to pass on our server costs ($125 for each additional ten million views).

Which Riddle quiz maker plan is right for you?

Read on for quick summary of our plans and pricing – remember, every Riddle plan includes unlimited quizzes, traffic, & leads.

Riddle quiz maker plans and white label optiosn
White label options for Riddle’s quiz maker plans

Want more details? Ask us on support chat or check out our ‘Riddle’s quiz maker plans’ blog post.

Invite any number of colleagues/clients to your account – just $19/mo each.

Pricing for Riddle's quiz maker plans
Pricing for Riddle’s quiz maker

Riddle Essential

Our lowest-priced plan is awesome. It includes all of our quiz/poll/personality test formats + 98% of our customization options:

  • Customize colors, fonts, styles, and layouts to match your brand.
  • Include images, GIFs, video (YouTube/Vimeo), & audio.
  • Add your logo – but your riddles will include a limited amount of Riddle branding.
  • Embed your content on 1 domain.

Riddle Pro

100% white-labelled, Pro is designed for brands and publishers who require complete branding control.

It includes everything in Essential plus:

  • Completely hide our Riddle branding.
  • Embed your content on 3 domains.

Riddle Business

Used by some of the world’s largest brands and publishers, Riddle’s Business plan gives you complete creative & branding control.

Riddle’s Business plan includes everything in Essential & Pro plus:

  • Upload your own custom fonts (or use Google Fonts, Adobe Typekits, Fonts.com, & more).
  • Custom everything with our CSS editor (self-service).
  • Monetize quiz traffic through your own in-quiz banner ads, forms, and video ads.
  • Track and optimize your quiz marketing with Google Tag Manager (and advanced custom tracking)
  • Embed your content on 10 domains.

Riddle Enterprise

Built for large publishers, brands, & sports leagues, Riddle Enterprise is our ‘full service’ offering.

Our quiz experts will help you create quizzes & customize content (advanced CSS support). We’ll make your InfoSec team happy by integrating your SSO, media library, or data warehouse.

Enterprise includes everything in Essential, Pro, & Business plus:

  • Custom everything with our CSS editor (full-service – our CSS gurus will design for you).
  • Turn-key content creation
  • Enterprise integrations
  • Bespoke/custom contracts, data processing agreements (DPAs), InfoSec documentation
  • Embed your content on 50 domains
  • Multi-user: 50 user licenses included

Fair, upfront pricing – no discounts (except for non-profits)

You also won’t see us offering crazy discounts or limited offers with Riddle.

Again, it comes back to fairness.

Riddle's quiz maker - pricing for all plans includes no discount policy

We like offering simple, clear pricing – and don’t think it’s right to give new subscribers a big discount. That’s not fair to our loyal customer base.

You can read our CEO Boris’ strong feelings about discounts here – he is dead set against ‘Black Friday’ or other types of deals.

(We do offer 20% discounts for non-profit organizations and educators, but that’s a good karma decision. We want to help them use Riddle to make the world a better place.)

Riddle's quiz maker - pricing for all plans includes 20% discount for non-profit organizations

Riddle – an online quiz maker that saves you money

Riddle’s quiz maker has a range of features that actually helps you to save money:

  • More native integrations: We have direct integrations for popular email marketing tools – such as Active Campaign and ConvertKit. By adding more integrations, it’s our hope that many of our creators can avoid the need to use our Zapier app.
  • Send emails from within Riddle: You can email your leads with quiz results and other marketing info – directly from inside Riddle. Much easier – and also removes the need for a separate email marketing tool.

Free 30 day moneyback guarantee

30 day moneyback guarantee for Riddle's quiz maker
30 day moneyback guarantee – no questions asked

All of our plans include a 30-day refund policy after the initial purchase – no questions asked.

If you try us – then decide it’s not quite what you’re looking for, just drop us a note on support chat.

We’ll be happy to refund you right away – because we’re super fast with customer support.

(But we’re confident you’ll like us. Our refund rate currently is a teeny-tiny 0.17% – about one in a thousand.)

Flexible pricing & plans – cancel any time

We’re also big fans of keeping things nice and simple. Business needs change – so we give you maximum flexibility.

Riddle's quiz maker - flexible cancellation for all plans
Flexible quiz maker plans – no set up or cancellation costs

With Riddle quiz maker, you’ll get:

  • No set up costs
  • Flexible month to month subscription periods – cancel any time
  • Or, you save with annual – get up to a 17% discount with our ‘pay in advance’ yearly plans

Many of our customers start with our monthly option for a month or two – then switch to our annual plans once they’ve seen how well Riddle’s quiz maker works.

If you decide to cancel, we don’t add any cancellation charges. However, your content will be unpublished.

Pause instead of canceling

You can also choose our ‘Three Month Pause’ option instead of canceling – if you need a short a break in your subscription.

Riddle's quiz maker - use our pause option for a 3 month break in your subscription

The plus side? You’ll keep your existing pricing – and all of your online quizzes and content will still be online.

The only caveat – premium features (like white labelling or CSS) and lead generation features and forms will be disabled.

All our plans get our all-star customer support

Every one of Riddle’s quiz maker plans gets the same 5 star approach to customer support.

Super fast customer support on every Riddle plan

We already talked about our team-wide approach to customer support – everyone from our engineers to our founders pitches in to help.

And we don’t limit this support to just our most expensive plans.

All our trial and paying users receive the same great support. It’s good business – and good karma, to boot.

Riddle.com quizmaker has great customer support
Riddle’s customer support is fast – really fast

Any questions about our pricing for Riddle’s quiz maker?

Big thanks for checking out Riddle!

If you have any questions – from pricing to personality tests, lead generation or quiz marketing, just ask us on support chat.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Is there a free version of Riddle?

We want to end this post by answering a common question… ‘What isn’t there a free version of Riddle?’

Many years ago, we made a tough decision about Riddle’s freemium quiz pricing. It was completely contrary to the “Make Everything Free” movement that has taken the internet by storm.

Offering a free option can be a great option for many SaaS (software as a service) companies. It lets new users sign up and start using your product without any friction from having to pay.

But freemium quiz pricing is not ideal for a healthy Riddle.

We were ending up having to pay server costs for users who would never end up paying to help keep us a fast-growing business.

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