Unbegrenzter Zugriff auf alle unsere Tools zur Erstellung von Quizzes und Lead Generierung - mit Riddle Branding.

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100% Ihre Brand - fügen Sie Ihr eigenes Logo hinzu. Senden Sie Benutzer an URLs basierend auf ihren Ergebnissen.

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Erstellen Sie Inhalte als Team. Passen Sie den Content optimal an Ihre Branding an - eigenes CSS und Fonts.

$ 249 pro Monat

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Quizzes und Leads ohne Limit
Einfach in jede Website einzufügen
Für alle Endgeräte optimiert - vom PC bis zum Handy
Lead Generierung ohne Limit
Leads an jedes beliebige Marketing Tool senden
Erhalten Sie E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen für neue Leads
DSGVO konform
Bezahlen Sie mit Kreditkarte, PayPal, Lastschrift.
YouTube-Videos hinzufügen
Dein Riddle - Deine Brand
Vimeo-Videos hinzufügen
Quiz Ergebnisse via E-Mail versenden
Fragen per Tabelle hochladen
Call To Action Buttons
Eigene Ergebnisseiten
Voller CSS Zugriff und eigene Schriften
Voller CSS Zugriff und eigene Schriften
Mehrbenutzer Lizenz und Team Templates
Fügen Sie Ihre eigenen Video- oder Banneranzeigen ein.
Einzellizenz - Websites, die Sie besitzen/betreiben
Mehrfachlizenz - Einbettung auf den Seiten Ihrer Kunden
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Riddle helps our Children's Interactive team to quickly create engaging content that provide compelling data insights about our audience.

derek harvie
Derek Harvie

Executive Producer - BBC (CBeebies & CBBC)

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Absolutely! Unlike (cough, cough) mobile phone companies, we’re big believers in flexibility.

You can cancel our monthly plans at any time.

Our annual plans include a hefty discount (up to 33%) in return for you paying in advance for the year. You of course can cancel any time – but we can’t give refunds on any unused months.

How can I cancel my Riddle subscription?

It’s super simple:

  1. In the top right menu, click ‘account’ > ‘subscription’.

2. Then click on ‘View your subscription portal’:

3. Next – select ‘Subscription’:

4. And finally – choose either our ‘pause’ or ‘cancel’ options:

  • Pause: Take a temporary three-month break from your Riddle subscription. Your subscription will auto-restart at the end of this period.
  • Cancel: Your subscription is deactivated until you turn it back on.

Why choose pause instead of cancel?

We designed our ‘pause’ option for businesses that might not need Riddle for short periods.

You will lock in your pricing – even if we raise prices down the road. For example, some of our earliest subscribers from 2014 are still on our $3 a month plan.

What happens when I don’t have an active Riddle subscription?

Here are some more details:

  • The good news – quizzes that you created and embedded on your website will always (always!) stay live.
  • Yup, that’s correct – no matter if you cancel your subscription, we’re big believers that your content always belongs to you.

However, to stay a healthy business, we do need to limit the free usage of Riddle a bit.

If you decide to pause or cancel, some of our premium features will disappear including:

  • Our Riddle logo will appear below your quiz content – and any custom logo you uploaded will not be shown.
  • We might show a small text box saying “Quiz Maker powered by Riddle” (or something similar) below your quiz.
  • If you used our CSS editor, any custom CSS you entered will be revert back to our standard look and feel.
  • Lead forms won’t be shown – our lead collection options only work during the free trial or as an active subscriber.
  • Access to the stats and to the edit mode of your Riddles will be disabled.

Fear not – that may look like a long list – but the important thing is that your quiz will always be live for your audience to enjoy.

And hey – you can always renew your subscription at any time for full access.

Or do you cut corners by outsourcing support and relying on online help resources?

Absolutely. Everyone at Riddle (from our CEO Boris on down) helps with customer support through our support chat.

(We also regularly run free webinars and onboarding/quiz best practices sessions – to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Riddle quiz maker subscription.)

And we all race each other to respond first. That means you’ll get an answer fast – lightning-fast (our response time is under two minutes).

To be honest, that might also be due to our monthly competition – the person who assists the most customers wins free beer. Our team is mostly German – so we love beer!

But seriously, put us to the test.

Ask us anything – we can help with technical questions, give you feedback on your quiz, or tips on how to improve your quiz marketing strategy.

The bottom line? We’re big customer support geeks – and love to help out.

We totally get it.

Using an online quiz maker can sound ‘too good to be true’.

But Riddle has grown by leaps and bounds since we launched way back in 2014.

Everyone from small start-ups (like The Hair Fuel) to big brands and publishers like the BBC, Red Bull, and Shopify use Riddle to collect leads or engage their audiences.

Any questions? Just ask us on support chat – we respond in under two minutes.

You’ll probably chat with our cofounders Boris and Mike – who race our devs to be first to respond. They’d be happy to provide more information around successful quiz marketing with Riddle

We get asked this a lot. Isn’t it frustrating to sign up for an online tool, only to find they have low monthly limits on how much you can use it?

At Riddle, we do things differently.

All our plans are completely unlimited – without monthly limits:

  • Unlimited content – make as many quizzes, polls, and other content as you want.
  • Unlimited quiz visitors – we don’t limit how people can see or take your quizzes.
  • Unlimited leads & data – collect any number of leads and quiz responses.

Basic, Pro, or Team – every Riddle plan is 100% unlimited. Just pick the quiz maker plan with the features you need.

The only caveat? We include a ‘fair use’ limit of 10 million views a month. That’s more than enough for 98.7% of our users – and supports our low-cost pricing model.

We’re also flexible – in case your quiz unexpectedly goes mega-viral.

Don’t worry – we won’t charge you for the first month of heavy traffic. But after that, we’ll need to pass on our increased server costs – it’s just $125 for every additional 10 million views.

And we don’t ever spring surprises – our team will always chat with you first.

No surprise, but we think the answer is a flat-out YES, no matter your marketing objectives.

Want to create a quiz to collect leads?

Riddle’s quizzes get 35-45% opt-in rates (20X better than typical email collection tools).

Heck, our partners regularly do better than that. Take leadership coach Merilyn Beretta, for example – she gets a phenomenal 68% opt-in rate with her ‘WoW Archetype personality test.

Need to engage your audience so they stay longer? Adweek knows online quizzes and personality tests are some of the most popular and most shared online content.

Or, make any article a compelling interactive experience with a poll, survey, or list.

Our reaction polls take under a minute to make – you’ll see 20-25% of all page visitors will click and vote. Not bad for just 60 seconds’ work, right?

Great question. We designed Riddle to scale from a single user or small teams, all the up to large brands, agencies, and publishers.

And it’s risk-free.

You can start with our 14-day free trial, which is completely unlocked and includes all our features. Plus, you won’t need to add a credit card – so you’ll never risk being charged if you forget to cancel.

Once you subscribe, you also get our 30-day moneyback guarantee – whatever the reason, no questions asked.

And finally, we don’t believe in long-term contracts or upfront setup fees. We’re so sure your team or clients will love Riddle that we make it easy to cancel.

Our customers find that Riddle quizzes and other content quickly prove their value, building their own internal buzz.

Most customers start using our quiz maker for one project. But once other people see Riddle’s content in action, they start pushing to use it across their departments and brands.

The good news? Our licenses are very flexible. Riddle’s Basic and Pro allow use on unlimited sites that you own or operate. Riddle Team is a global license – and can be used on client sites as well.

You’ll also get the metrics and tools to prove to your stakeholders how valuable Riddle can  be:

  • Lead generation notifications – send your sales team email alerts for new leads to convert to customers.
  • Time on site – measure how long your users engage with each quiz, poll, or other formats.
  • Detailed quiz analytics – track everything, from quiz responses to how many people start, finish, and share your quiz.
  • Account-wide statistics – compare your teams’ progress across date ranges.

True, there are some dodgy quiz makers out there – who use cookies or trackers to collect data from their customers’ quizzes.

But we’re not one of them.

Riddle never (ever!) collects or sells your quiz data. We don’t add cookies or trackers that collect your quiz takers’ information.

That’s why privacy-conscious companies like the BBC and CNN use our software with total confidence.

Plus, we’re a fully GDPR-compliant online quiz creator. We also comply fully with California’s CCPA, Canada’s PIPEDA, and other global data privacy regulations.

Riddle is 100% EU-based, with all servers in Germany and Luxembourg.

Any personal data from your quizzes can go directly to your marketing software without touching the Riddle servers. Or, if you like, you can choose our GDPR-safe ‘Save to Riddle’ option so that you can download this as a CSV file from our servers.

But any questions? Just ask us on support chat – we can provide additional clarification and a copy of our Data Processing Agreement (available in English and German).

Heck yes.

We’ve designed Riddle as the easy-to-use quiz maker that everyone can use – no coding required.

There’s no training or tech skills required – and you can create a quiz in just minutes.

  • Flexible scoring and results
  • Add images, GIFs, and audio or video clips <LINK>
  • 100% white-labeled – customize colors and branding to match your site

Embedding your Riddle quiz on your site is super simple. (It’s as easy as embedding a YouTube video.)

  1. Go to the ‘Publish’ step in your riddle.
  2. Copy the embed code.
  3. Paste the code directly on any page on your website or blog.

Here’s a quick blog post we whipped up covering the various options:

Absolutely – we offer a moneyback guarantee. Try our quiz maker risk-free for up to 30 days.

quiz maker moneyback guarantee

Our free 14 day trial is full featured:

  • All quiz maker features
  • All lead generation options
  • No caps or limits on quizzes, quiz takers, or leads

If you do decide to upgrade, you then have another month to decide if Riddle is what you’re looking for.

Any questions? Get answers in two minutes flat.

And we’re here to help! Our entire team races each other on customer support, from our CEO Boris on down.

Average response time? Under two minutes – boom!

We’re pretty confident in our quiz maker – used by folks like the BBC, CNN, and Shopify.

How to use our moneyback guarantee

And hey – no worries at all.

If Riddle does not completely meet your needs, just drop us a note via support chat or at

We stand by our moneyback guarantee, and will happily refund your money straightaway – no questions asked.

At Riddle, we like keeping things nice and flexible – easy sign up with no pesky set up or admin fees, plus you cancel at any time.

This carries over to our payment options:

  • Credit card – Visa, Mastercard, American Express
  • PayPal
  • Direct debit – all 32 EU/EEA countries + Switzerland, UK, and (coming soon) the USA

You’ll receive an invoice every month – and you can also add an extra billing contact (if you’d like them to automatically receive a copy).

Want to be invoiced?

Sure, we’d be happy to invoice you – however issuing/sending invoices involve bank fees and a lot more manual effort on our part. 

We’re a lean team and our business model is built on automatic payments via credit cards/PayPal/direct debit – so we have to add an extra cost to cover the costs. 

We only do these for our annual Team plans.

We add a $100/£100/€100 cost to each payment to cover these extra steps. (Our data shows that each invoice renewal requires an average of 5.7 emails from us to various finance departments – before payment is issued.)

Our payment terms are net 30 – we’ll need to add a $100/€100/£100 late charge for payments received more than 30 days after the invoice date.

For the invoice – we’d just need you to send us:

  • your billing address
  • finance contact name and email
  • Plus any internal PO# you’d like us to add

We’d then send you the invoice – as well as a copy directly to the finance contact. Payment is Net30.

Alle FeaturesBasisProTeam
Quiz Maker
Einfach zu bedienender Quiz Baukasten
15 verschiedene Arten von interaktivem Content: Quizzes, Tests, Umfragen und mehr.
Keine Limits für die Anzahl der erstellten Quizzes
★★★★★ Kunden Support
Quizzes mit Punkten für richtige Antworten
Persönlichkeitstests (Ein Psychotest ohne richtiges oder falsches Ergebnis)
Vier verschiedene Polls (Abstimmungen)
Umfragen (mit Export Optionen)
Social Story Telling - kombiniere Quizzes mit Artikeln und Bildern
Eingebautes Social Sharing (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp und LinkedIn)
Interaktive Geschichte mit konditioneller Logik
Mehrsprachig (aktuell werden 67 Sprachen unterstützt)
Unterschiedliche Layouts: Quer-, Hoch- oder Quadratisches Format
Einfach- oder Mehfachauswahl für Quiz Antworten
Zeige Quiz Resultate wann Du willst
Erklärungen für Antworten
Eigene Texte für 'richtig/falsch' und andere Quiz Felder
Zufällige Fragenanordnung
Zufällige Antwort Reihenfolge
Text Formatierungen mit Links, Listen, Emojis
Verstecken der Antwortstatistiken
Prozentsätze verstecken
Schliesse Umfagen an einem festegelegtem Datum
Komplettes Quiz auf einer Seite
Zeige mehr als nur ein Ergebnis bei Persönlichkeitstests an.
Quiz Statistiken - die wichtigsten Quiz Metrics auf einen Blick
Detaillierte Statistiken zu den einzelnen Fragen und Ergebnissen
Optimiere dein Quiz mit unserem 'Engagement Graphen'
Lade deine eigenen Bilder hoch
Bildbarbeitung und Filter
Google Bildersuche
Stock Fotos von Pexels
Animierte GIFs von Giphy
Twitter - Tweets einbetten
YouTube Videos - mit frei wählbaren Ausschnitten
Vimeo-Videos hinzufügen
Sound Dateien (MP3 und WAV)
Laden Sie Ihre eigenen Videodateien hoch (MP4)
Setze ein Zeitlimit für das gesamte Quiz.
Zeitlimit für einzelne Fragen
Sammle mit deinem Quiz unlimitiert viele Leads
Drag und Drop Formularbaukasten.
Ergebnis erst nach Formulareingaben anzeigen (optional)
Erhalten Sie E-Mail-Benachrichtigungen für neue Leads
Links zu AGB und Datenschutzerklärung
Check-Boxen für Opt-ins.
Leads als Excel oder CSV Datei laden
MailChimp Integration
AWeber Integration
Binde mit unserer App beliebige Software an
Binde eigene Tools über unseren Webhook an
Sende automatisierte E-Mails an die Quiz Leser
Segmentiere deine Leads mit Hilfe der Quizergebnisse
Große Auswahl an Formularfeldtypen
Datenvalidierung mittels REGEX
AWeber Integration (native Integration)
Daten in deiner DropBox speichern (bald verfügbar)
Leads an Google Docs senden.
Call To Action Buttons - je nach Quizergebnis andere Links.
Eigene Ergebnisseiten - sende Leser an beliebige URLs nach Quizabschluss
Unlimitiert viele Formularfelder
Vorgefertigte Formular Vorlagen
Speichere dein Formular als Vorlage ab
Importiere deine eigenen Formulare
Zeige Werbung oder Videos
Passe die Farben und Schriften frei an
Vorgefertigte Styles und Themes
Komplette Kontrolle über Buttons, Fonts, Hintergrundfarben, ...
Hingrund Muster
Behindertengerechter Content (für Hör- und Sehgeschädigte)
Social Sharing Texte frei anpassen (Facebook Twitter, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Messenger)
Hashtag Unterstützung für Twitter und Facebook
Ändere die Button Texte
Blende das Riddle Logo aus (100% White Label)
Dein Quiz - Deine Brand
Eigenes, verlinktes Logo einbinden
Eigene Fußzeile
Erweiterte Textformatierung
CSS Editor - volle Kontrolle über das Quiz Styling.
Team Vorlagen - speichere alle Design Einstellungen als Vorlage für dein Team
Nutze individuelle Schriftarten - Google, Adobe TypeKit und mehr
CSV Export der Statistiken
Mehrere CSV-Berichte zur einfachen Analyse
Auf jeder Webseite nutzbar
Responsive Design - für alle Bildschirmgrößen
Wordpress Plug-in
Google AMP Unterstützung
Thunder / Drupal Plug-in
Frei wählbare Größe des Embeds
Wähle aus 3 unterschiedlichen Embed Optionen
SEO optimierter Embed Code
Refresh für deine Werbanner
Eigene Pixel
DSGVO konforme Facebook Pixel
Google Tag Manager
Zeigen Sie Ihre Bannerwerbung unter Ihrem Quiz an.
Platzieren Sie Ihre eigenen Videoanzeigen
Erstelle Quizzes im Team - arbeite mit Kollegen oder Kunden zusammen in einem Account.
Teams: individuelle Rollen für Autoren, Redakteure und Admins
Beliebig viele Teams
Erstelle Design Vorlagen für das Team - inklusive eigenem CSS, Schriften und Farben
Lege Standardvorlagen für Teams fest

Our teams love Riddle’s flexibility. We can rapidly create and deploy unique branded quizzes and other content for our clients’ custom campaigns.

Lior Geller
Lior Geller

Director of Product - Minute Media