We are always happy to sign our data processing agreement (often called a DPA) with you.

Use Riddle’s DPA to be GDPR-compliant when collecting leads

Why sign a data processing agreement?

This is a key part of complying with the EU’s GDPR

If you ever need us to access your users’ data in order to help you with customer support, you will need to get this agreement signed.

Completing our Data Processing Agreement (DPA)

You can get a PDF copy of our data process agreement following the link below. 

Please do the following:

  1. Complete all the form fields (your company details and the date on which you purchased your Riddle subscription)
  2. Send us a signed scan to dpa@riddle.com
  3. We will promptly return a signed copy to you.

Accessing our Data Processing Agreement

  • Scroll down to the table below and select the current version.
  • Click on the language for which you would like to download the DPA (English or German).
  • Some browsers will not allow you to tab through all the form fields you need to fill out, so please print it out to fill in the fields manually or download the PDF and open it with Adobe Acrobat to fill out the form fields on screen.
  • You need to complete these fields:
    • Your company name and address
    • on page 1 also enter the name and email of the person on your end, who we need to notify in regards to notices concerning the DPA.
    • in §1 enter the date on which you purchased your Riddle subscription

Important note

You should most likely mention the fact that you are using Riddle in your own privacy policy.

We cannot give legal advice on how to word this, but here is a great, free generator for privacy policies where you can include Riddle as a tool you are using.

The site is in German but they generate privacy policies in German, French and English.

We also created a tool to create a snippet about Riddle for your privacy policy here.

(Is your German a bit rusty? We recommend you use Google Chrome’s site translation tools to read the instructions.)

Version history:

Please find our current as well as older and now outdated versions of our data processing agreement (DPA) here:

Version DateDownload LinkWhat changed in the newer version
Jan. 2023English
We removed user.com and added Send-in-Blue GmbH as our customer support provider
Oct. 2021English
We removed Chargebee as a sub processor and changed our hosting company
Dec. 2020 English
We added Saarbrücken, Germany as the place of jurisdiction for all legal disputes.
Sept. 2020 English
We have replaced our chat provider intercom.io with an EU based, GDPR compliant chat provider: user.com
June 2018English

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