Data Processing Agreement

We are happy to sign a custom data processing agreement with you.

Why sign a data processing agreement? If you need us to access your user data to provide customer support, you will need to get this agreement signed.

Please download the PDF from the link below:

  1. Complete all the form fields
  2. Send us a signed scan to
  3. We will promptly return a signed copy to you.

How to access the PDF version:

  • Right click on the PDF icon below and select “save as” to download the PDF.
  • Opening it in the browser will not allow you to tab through all the form fields you need to fill out.
  • Or open it in your browser by clicking on the PDF icon, print it and fill out the fields manually.


If you prefer the German version, please download it here.

Note: you should most likely mention the fact that you are using Riddle in your own privacy policy. We cannot give legal advice on how to word this, but here is a great, free generator for privacy policies where you can include Riddle as a tool you are using. Note: the site is in Germany, but they generate privacy policies in German, French and English. Use Google Chrome’s site translation tools to read the instructions if your German is a bit rusty.