At Riddle, we’re so very lucky to have such a passionate community of users who love our interactive content tools (and regularly make us blush with their nice feedback!)…

Check out some of what they’ve been saying:

  • “It’s fantastic. My head is already spinning coming up with ideas…” – Edward
  • “Overall this is a great product. I’ve worked with over ten different polling systems, this is my favorite.” – John
  • “I normally don’t send emails like this to companies, but Riddle is awesome. I’m a high school teacher, and I am using the list making function for my Creative Writing final exam.” – Laurel
  • “I have been really pleased with the product. I just gave a speech to the North Carolina Press Association and it was one of my 10 top free tools.” – Steven
  • “Your genuine care for users definitely sets Riddle apart from other programs. Thanks again!” – Julianne
  • “Riddle is already a great product – with lots of interesting educational possibilities, too.” – Kurt
  • “I love the interface and beauty of this app and am already thinking of teachers who would love the visual potential.” – Iris
  • “Good stuff – I had an intern playing with setting up quizzes last year on Buzzfeed (or similar) – yours is much better :)” – Steve


Have anything you’d like to add? Any ideas for making Riddle even better?

Just let us know at – thanks so much!