Book a demo of Riddle’s quiz maker

You can book demos with either of Riddle’s founders, Mike and Boris, below.

We might ask a few pre-qualifying questions by email before the booked demo. As a lean team, we tend to only accept demo requests from corporate customers and prospects.

Need quick help with Riddle or info about Riddle can help your use case? We recommend you use our on-site support chat. Our entire team helps out with support – our average response time is under two minutes during our business hours.

Prefer to speak in German? Please book with Boris only.

Are our default slots aren’t convenient for you? Please send us an email to and suggest a day and time which will work for your time zone and ours (we are based in Europe).

Mike Hawkins’ calendar:

Book a meeting with Mike Hawkins, Riddle’s co-founder and the Managing Director of Riddle UK Ltd.

Mike offers 15-minute intro demos, pre-sales calls, as well as training and best practice sessions in English.

Boris Pfeiffer’s calendar:

Book a meeting with Boris Pfeiffer, Riddle co-founder and CEO. Boris offers 15 minute introduction, 30 minute pre-sales and 45 minute onboarding calls in German and English.

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