Riddle Launches Mobile-first Viral Lab for Content Creators

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Riddle gives brands and websites Buzzfeed-like power in seconds

London, UK – 29th April 2015: Mobile-first viral lab Riddle launched today, giving brands, bloggers, and websites a new set of tools for creating powerful interactive content on the fly. Following successful projects with leading brands such as Disney, content creators can now produce beautiful, engaging content in seconds on Riddle.com.

From bloggers to brands, social media creators are under growing pressure to produce content that cuts through the noise, drives engagement and goes viral – across multiple social platforms. This means creating more content, of higher quality and in less time. Riddle solves this seemingly impossible task with a range of ready-made content templates, covering everything from polls, lists, and quizzes to entirely new content types such as ‘commenticles’.

The commenticle (the name is a play on the ‘listicle’ Buzzfeed helped make famous) is the first of unique content tools Riddle will be rolling out over the coming weeks and months – each with a focus on speed for the busy creator on the go. Creators find an interesting article, add their brief thoughts or analysis, and ask their followers for their feedback through an integrated poll… all in under a minute.

Boris Pfeiffer, who previously headed up European operations for Kabam and Tickle.com, co-founded the company with Marco Höglinger, head of innovationpunks.com, a professional innovation laboratory, startup builder and venture production firm.

“Creating viral content is an art, not a science. It’s a constant lottery for social audience. So the more awesome content you can create, the better your chances at hitting a viral jackpot,” comments Riddle CEO Boris Pfeiffer. “Riddle is the quickest way to create interactive content that goes viral and was designed for content creation on the go. We’ll also be adding an intuitive dashboard which provides just the right amount of data and insights so you can quickly see what’s working and up your game.”

Riddle has run successful projects with digital agencies as well as online communities and independent bloggers. Cats Paradise, the 1.4m strong feline appreciation community, saw a massive spike of fans and page views in the first month of using Riddle along with a resulting 62% gain in revenue. Results have also been encouraging for digital agency Megan Media: “We’re excited to bring Riddles to our brand partners as an extension of our custom media offerings,” said Jim Calhoun, COO of Megan Media. “For brands like Disney, Riddles consistently drives high levels of engagement and keeps consumer attention in fun ways that just can’t be achieved with alternative strategies.”

The company now has the backing of Mangrove Capital Partners as well as a number of technology luminaries including Bebo founder Michael Birch, Tickle founders James Currier and Rick Marini, Facebook’s Stan Chudnovsky and Goodreads founder Otis Chandler.

Visit Riddle.com to see how quick and easy it makes it to create awesome interactive content in just 60 seconds.


About Riddle:

Riddle is the mobile-first content creation platform which gives every brand and website Buzzfeed-like power. It provides all the tools they need to rapidly create powerful interactive content that engages fans, drives conversation and generates traffic. Designed for content creation on the go, it’s the quickest way to create content that goes viral. Riddle’s team has rich heritage in user-generated content and interactive entertainment – from companies like Kabam and Tickle. The company has been backed by leading venture capital firm Mangrove Capital Partners.

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