2023 Quiz Marketing Report

Every year, our team at Riddle.com publishes our annual “Quiz Marketing Report” – the most detailed research into the effectiveness of using online quizzes for engagement and zero-party data collection.

We analyzed our deep data set, based on the insights from the 2.59 billion Riddle-powered questions created by our thriving quiz community.

Read on to discover how (and why) quizzes and interactive content can help you increase time on site, lower your online advertising costs, and more.

Quiz Marketing Report 2023 - Complete Infographic

Where does our data come from?

Since 2014, thousands of top publishers, brands, non-profits, and sports teams use Riddle.com’s online quiz maker – from the BBC to the Fiesta Bowl (case study) and Tate Modern (case study).

Infographic: Why use quizzes for marketing? (free download)

This infographic is free to use – the full report about the effectiveness of quiz marketing is embedded below, or you can download it as a .pdf or .png/.jpg file.

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The rise of quizzes and zero-party data

Online advertising has gone through seismic shifts over the past few years. On the government side, you have global privacy data regulations like the EU’s GDPR, China’s PIPL, California CCPA, and Canada’s PIPEDA.

The end of third party cookies, the removal of mobile device identifiers, and a rise in the use of ad blockers have led marketers to use quizzes for zero-party data collection for names, emails, and other personal information.

Note: Riddle.com is a fully 100% GDPR-compliant quiz maker. We run our own servers, don’t add trackers, and never collect personal information with cookies.

zero party data - Quiz Marketing Report 2023

Benchmarks from our 2023 Quiz Marketing Report

To save time, we have summarized the most important quiz marketing statistics from our report below.

The data – based on 2.59 BILLION answered questions

Launched in 2014, Riddle.com is the online quiz maker for some of the most iconic brands and organizations on the planet, who create compelling interactive content for their audiences.

This means that our data scientists get to use a very deep data set when creating this report, including:

  • 2.59 BILLION questions answered – across all Riddle.com quizzes, polls, & other interactive content
  • 439.1 MILLION quizzes started – embedded on our partners’ sites
  • 344.1 MILLION quizzes completed
2.59 billion questions answered - Quiz Marketing Report 2023

Top 3 quiz marketing benchmarks

If you’re new to quiz marketing, it can be difficult to tell what a successful online quiz can look like.

Take a look at these three KPIs for any online quiz, based on the averages from our entire quiz maker community.

Your quiz should equal or exceed these key statistics:

  • 19.4% start rate: the rate people click or engage with an embedded online quiz on a page
  • 28.6% lead form completions: about four out of ten people will complete an in-quiz lead generation form
  • 78.4% completion rate: four out of five of quiz takers should finish the experience
Quiz Funnel - Quiz Marketing Report 2023

These are guidelines – your metrics may vary, based on a number of factors. For example, quizzes that are high on the page will have a better start rate than ones on pages ‘below the fold’ that require scrolling. But these benchmarks should help get you started.

#1 Why use quizzes? Quizzes are 9.3X better than pop-ups.

We already touched on why online advertising is changing. Zero-party data collection tools that let users voluntary contribute their information, such as interactive content and pop-ups, are more popular than ever.

However pop-ups can be annoying (73% of people dislike them) – they interrupt your browsing experience to show an offer.

Quizzes put users in control. They choose to start the quiz, and they also get something of value from the experience: their quiz results.

That explains why using quizzes for zero-party data collection and lead generation is 9.3X more effective:

better than pop-ups - Quiz Marketing Report 2023

#2 Why use quizzes? Get 37% cheaper leads.

Quizzes and interactive content also make it easier to find new customers, if you’re using online advertising like Google Ads or Facebook.

Quizzes’ appeal impacts every step of the process:

  • Cost-effective cost per click (CPC): Ads that mention ‘quiz’ get better clickthrough rates – they are more interesting to users, plus Google flags pop-ups as potential spam. That translates into less expensive ads (our Riddle Lab experiment showed a 20% saving).
  • More opt-ins (CPL): Once a user is taking the quiz, they are far more emotionally engaged compared to a pop-up, and they are keen to see their results. This translates to cheaper leads, like the 37% savings seen in our experiment.
lower CPL - Quiz Marketing Report 2023

#3 Why use quizzes? See 421% more engagement (boost time on site).

The average time a visitor spends on a website worldwide is just under a minute, at 54 seconds.

Quizzes work much better than that – 4X better in fact. With good quizzes featuring six to eight questions, participants are actively engaged for up to nearly four minutes (3:56).

Your quiz takers will get more invested with each question and want to see their results. This increases the probability they’ll complete an in-quiz lead form in order to see their final results. Plus, this higher time per page translates into better search rankings (higher time on site is a key metric for Google).

421% more engagement - Quiz Marketing Report 2023

#4 Why use quizzes? Quizzes and interactive content are highly viral.

Beyond just engagement, interactive content like personality tests, quizzes, and ‘guess the score’ predictor can bring you free traffic as users share their results on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks.

quote FC 08 Homburg - Quiz Marketing Report 2023

And this viral traffic is especially powerful. It functions as a form of word-of-mouth marketing, with quiz takers encouraging their friends to participate in your quiz and potentially become leads as well.

More viral traffic - Quiz Marketing Report 2023

Conclusion: Quiz marketing report 2023

In today’s changing marketing landscape, it’s crucial to catch your audience’s attention and collect data in a cost-effective and privacy-conscious way. As our data illustrates, quizzes and interactive content boost engage, collect more leads, and are highly viral too.

Take your first step on your quiz marketing journey with a free 14 day trial of Riddle.com – with all features unlocks and no payment details required.

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