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Our release log is diligently updated each time we introduce new features to our interactive content tool and lead generation platform.

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June 16th, 2024

New raffle feature: pick a winner from your leads

You can now quickly draw a winner from your leads, making it easier than ever before to use Riddle for raffles and giveaways.

You can set conditions to randomly select a winner from your audience. Define specific criteria, such as a specific score, or just click on “Draw Winner” to pick any random entry from your lead forms.

[Image here]

QR code generator for Riddle landing page

You can now easily generate a QR code that directly leads to your Riddle’s landing page (riddle.com/view/RIDDLEID) or to any custom URL that you have embedded your Riddle on.

This is especially useful if you want to use your Riddle during live events, on a flyer, or in a presentation!

[Image here]

Hidden fields functionality in forms

You now have the possibility to make text fields in your forms hidden. This lets you prefill fields with any data you like – without them being seen by your users.

For fields that can be hidden, you will see the option in the form block options (accessible via the pencil icon next to each form block).

[Image here]

Answer explanation evolutions

You now have more customizing options for answer explanations. Instead of always showing them in a pop-up, you can now choose to show the explanation below your question.

If you choose to show the answer explanation in a pop-up, users will now have the possibility to navigate back to the question to look at the question’s results. 


  • New default configuration for form fields:
    If you add a new single form field, we autofill the “Label” with the form field name, to give you some more context about what data this field is capturing.
    If you add a new “Make a form” block, the default email and name fields are set to “required”, since this is the most popular use case for lead forms.
  • Correct / wrong indicators can now be configured separately for each question and “Answered blocks” on the result page. 
  • You can now include the “Winning personality” into the “Other results” on your result page, allowing you to create powerful scientific personality tests based on the OCEAN model.


  • “Insert form” stats were not right in the parent Riddle. We now show the right data when you use the “Insert form” block.
  • Poll stats were jumping around on result page.
  • Block in logic was not removed after it was deleted in CREATE, and some Riddles could not be published unless the logic was reset.
  • Logic was not properly reset after a block used in logic was deleted.
  • Audio autoplay: Background images could not be added, and autoplay was not working properly.
  • Personality quiz: Space was reserved in choices for choice results, even if they were turned off. 
  • Block timer bugfixes:
    • Block timer expired on start page (started when clicking anywhere) => no navigation possible
    • Block timer (pill) text flashed briefly on navigation
  • Zooming on tap and find on mobile counted as guess
  • Users could not transfer Riddles as transfer dialog was not showing all their projects

May 23rd, 2024

New option to show/hide number of participants and total votes in quizzes and personality quizzes

Similarly to polls, you can now choose to show/hide the following feedback stats in each block for quizzes and personality quizzes:

  • Percentages for each choice
  • Absolute number of participants for each choice
  • Total votes for the whole block

Result page builder bugfixes/improvements

  • Answered blocks in polls: Give option to show/hide the block title. This is very useful for single block polls where you want to show the results and a different heading on the result page.
  • “Show correct/wrong” indicators can be be configured for blocks and the result page separately. That means you can now hide the correct/wrong indicators in every question, but show them in answered blocks on your result page.
  • Personality test “Other personalities” – new option to include the winning result in “Other personalities”.
  • Bugfix: Score animation was not fully accessible.
  • Bugfix: Winning personality block did not adapt its size automatically and sometimes added extra white space.
  • Bugfix: “Total Votes” on result page/ answered blocks were displayed even though it’s disabled.
  • Bugfix: Video block on result page was not perfectly 16:9 and showed black bars.
  • Bugfix: Result page with blurred image – elements below the image were not clickable due to the overlay.


  • Analyze screen download improvement: 
    There is now one button with a dropdown for leads/stats.
    Before, you had to navigate to the “Leads & CTA” tab to download your leads. Now you can download all data from “Analyze” conveniently via one button.
  • New default configuration for form fields:
    A newly added “Make a form” block now sets the default email and name field to “required”, which is the most popular usecase across all Riddle users.
    When adding a form field, we now automatically set the field name as a label, saving you time creating forms.
    The “Privacy block” now contains some default information, preventing some confusion around its usecase that came up. 
  • JavaScript events now contain a new data structure that parses form data. This new data structure allows for an easy way to access the form data from JS events and work with it.
  • Leaderboard block on result page now selects a leaderboard by default.
  • Better leaderboard preview in Creator.


  • Logo attribution did not disappear, even after it was deleted.
  • Changing the language in Creator did not change the language in the preview immediately.
  • Leaderboards didn’t work with “Insert form” blocks.

May 15th, 2024

Riddle Leaderboards

Give your quiz and predictor users a way to compare themselves to others with our native Riddle leaderboard. This is a powerful retention mechanism that makes your users want to come back to your website more often to compare themselves to others.

Leaderboards are a new Riddle type, which you can create from the normal “Create” screen.
In the leaderboard, you can connect Riddles, configure the scoring, and set up the leaderboard display.

Leaderboards can be used as a stand-alone Riddle that is embedded separately. You can also embed a leaderboard in your quiz or predictor result page immediately. It will be available as a block in our result page builder.

Leaderboards will be available for all our users. In our Essential, Pro, and Business plan, you will be able to connect one Riddle at a time to the leaderboard.
In our Enterprise plan, you can connect as many Riddles as you want to your leaderboard. This enables you to build a powerful leaderboard over a longer period of time – a leaderboard where people will be even more likely to return to!

Want to know more about how to create leaderboards, configure scoring, or how the leaderboard entry process and the nickname validation works? Find out more in our help center.

Example usecase I: Create a daily quiz contest

You can now connect your daily to a leaderboard. Simply create your quiz, and connect it to a leaderboard.

For basic engagement, you can create a single leaderboard for this one particular quiz.

For great user engagement, connect all of your daily quizzes to a leaderboard after you have created them, and watch your audience play and compete over the period of a week or even a month!

Example usecase II: Create a season-wide prediction game

Let your fans predict every single game of a season – and let them enter a prediction leaderboard that goes over the whole season!

With our newest score predictor evolution (more below), you can enter the correct results for the predictor. You’ll also be able to configure points for different predictable outcomes, which will then be reflected on the leaderboard.

Top tip: Place the leaderboard in your app or in your shop. This will make people use the app / visit your shop on a regular basis since they want to compare themselves to other fans.

Score Predictor improvements

You can now enter the correct result for your score predictors and configure points for your users to get for their predictions.

You can let your users predict any event like before – but now you have the possibility to enter the correct result for when the event is over. The correct result will be shown in the Predictor Embed.

If you have connected your predictor to a leaderboard, your users will get points as soon as the right result is entered.

Customize outgoing emails

All emails (DOI, Email automation, OTP email for leaderboards) can now be customized in Pro plans and higher.
You will be able to adapt your emails to your CI. This will improve the user experience as well as the opt-in rates.

Other improvements:

  • Timer improvements
    • You now have an option to pause the timer on non-Riddle blocks. This works for both the Riddle-wide as well as the block timer.
    • Individual block timers: Timer will be hidden on a block if the individual time is set to 0.
  • We have improved text saving when navigating quickly through a Riddle. Previously, some text could have been lost when you navigated immediately after writing it. We now auto-save text on modal close and navigation in Riddle.

April 24th, 2024

New notification center in Riddle

We now have a more direct way to engage with active customers with our notification center.

You will be notified about upcoming releases, incidents, feature additions, offers, and everything that concerns you as a creator directly.


  • Variables not saved in email automation:
    If you navigated too quickly out of the email automation, variables set in the subject were not saved.
  • Bugfix: Result page was counted as an “inaccessible block” and could therefore not be edited without the accessibility permission.
  • Bugfix: Polls with “Other” option could not be submitted when the “Choose” button was turned off. Now we always show the “Choose” button to submit “Other” answers.
  • Bugfix: Closed Riddle showed “Closed” overlay on result page.
  • Bugfix: Closed Riddle overlay description had no margin left/right on mobile.
  • Bugfix: Some elements in Order it were not visible in the “Peachy” and “Dark mode” palettes.

March 19th, 2024

The new Riddle Embed Layout is live

Long anticipated and finally here – the new Riddle Embed Layout is finally live!

Every new Riddle you create will be created in this new standard layout, which you can extensively customize via palettes.

You can also migrate your old Riddles in old layouts to the new layout within seconds – and make them look much better while fixing a wide range of bugs and hiccups.

If you are concerned your custom CSS will break, please reach out to us via support chat or by replying to this email. We offer a free CSS-migration service!

If you still want to use the old layouts, you can of course do so as well. If you want to use the old layout in new Riddles, simply copy old Riddles, use a preset with the old layout (in projects), or create Riddles from templates with the old layouts.

Find out more about the new embed layout and what changes there are compared to the old layouts here.

Other improvements:

  • Managing tags for Riddles became more intuitive. You can now add new tags and select previously added tags at ease.
  • “Choose” button improvements. Our previous setting “Allow answer changes in single choice blocks” was confusing to 90% of users we surveyed. We decided to change the option, renaming it “Show Choose button”, which is now decoupled from the auto-advance functionality. We believe this makes these options more intuitive and understandable.
  • If you apply a preset to your Riddle, you will see an indicator that prompts you to re-publish your Riddle. Only after publishing will your changes be visible in the live Riddle.
  • We now show the project ID in the projects overview, making it easier to reference your projects in API calls.
  • Double opt-in emails now support variables. You can send personalized DOI mails (emails starting with “Hello John,” instead of “Hi there”).


  • CTA-Button stats: We did not track clicks on buttons anymore. You now see an overview of clicks per button under “Analyze” => “Leads & CTA”.
  • Social Sharing bug: If you added multiple share blocks on your result page, the sharing did not work. We now limit the amount of allowed sharing blocks per result page to one.
    Please note that you can select as many networks as you want in one share block.
  • Bulk deleting Riddles in projects did not work.
  • API project list filter: If you were logged in to a project in Riddle and requested Riddles from a different project via API, you were returned the wrong Riddles.

February 8th, 2024

Pagination improvement

You now have the possibility to hide your pagination on non-question blocks. There is a new option under “Pagination” that allows you to exclude non-question blocks from the pagination.

If you turn that option on, non-question blocks will not be counted in the pagination and neither the progress bar nor the page counter will be shown on non-question blocks.
Please note that the result page is never included in the count.

Result page builder bugfixes & improvements

The Result page builder has gotten some important improvements and bugfixes, making it more stable and easier to use:

  • The share icons color and text color can now be fully customized.
  • The editor now shows your Riddle’s background color, text color, and fonts directly, to give you a better understanding of how the finished result page will look like.
  • If you add a new result block, it will look like the default blocks now.
  • Bugfix: Text editor resizing was not always working as intended.

If you click on “Browse templates” on any Riddle type, you will now only be shown templates of that specific type. This helps you to get a better overview.
The next major step for our template gallery will be a range of new templates, once the new embed layout (link) is live.


  • Could not add new integrations in Riddle 1.0
  • “Reset palette” button disappeared after resetting a palette change
  • Could not delete leads from a Riddle in a project, where you were not owner

January 17th, 2024

Improved collaboration features make working together in Riddle even easier

As more and more customers use Riddle company-wide to increase engagement, we have improved our collaboration features to make it even easier to add your colleagues to Riddle to collaborate on Riddle interactive content together.

The projects, user seats, and user roles are now exist together on a new “Collaboration” screen. This bundles all collaboration features in one place.

New role configurator

We have introduced a new role configurator for our Enterprise customers. With this configurator, you will be able to define access rights on a super granular level.
This way, you can make sure that everybody sees and does only what they are supposed to.

You can find out more about the different permissions, as well as the default role permissions in this help post: https://www.riddle.com/help/collaboration/your-user-roles#default-roles

In our Business plan, you can still add users as “Admin”, “Editor”, and “Author”.
In our Pro and Essential plan, you can only add “Admin” users going forward.
But don’t worry: The users you have added already will not be affected by this change.

Improved project list and projects

The project list has been redesigned and is now searchable. Especially with many projects, the old list could be challenging.

In addition, the project detail pages and settings page have been reworked. The first thing you now see is the list of your project members, which is the most important thing.

All settings that you used to see before are still there, just a few menu items further down the list.

Also, users in your projects can now create their own projects (if they have the right permission). This enables them to work on content privately, which can later be transferred to the project to share with everyone on the team.
The owner of the account will always be the project owner. The user who creates the new projects will always be an Admin in these.

Improved user management

We have moved the seats management from the account pages to our new collaboration page for better reference.

You can now add users to your account directly, and assign them to projects. You can also manage a user’s projects from the seats page.

Search + delete + failed leads functionality

You can now manually search and delete single leads or delete all leads from one Riddle upon request / privacy requirement.
There is a new page that is accessible via the mega menu. Screenshot
If you need more information on how to delete leads, you can find out more in this help post: https://www.riddle.com/help/leads/search-for-leads

Other improvements:

  • Ad settings and ad block are in new category “Monetization”:
    We have moved the ad settings in the Riddle settings and the ad block in the “Create” step to a new category “Monetization”.
  • Show poll result page after closing date:
    In polls, you can now choose to show the result page after the closing date has been reached. Simply select the desired result page to show and it will be displayed instead of the “This Riddle is now closed” message.
  • Require 2FA or email code to change email address:
    To make your Riddle account even more secure, you will have to confirm the change of your email address with 2FA. This prevents someone from hijacking your Riddle account without you noticing.
  • Add time taken to webhooks / JS events:
    The webhook as well as the JS events we send from Riddle now include the “Time taken”. This is the time the user spent on the Riddle. You can use this to measure the impact of a Riddle on your time on site or to build a custom leaderboard.
  • Add Riddle title to Cover page when creating a new Riddle.


  • Order it / Tap & Find bug with auto advance: Next button did not appear as expected.
  • Tap & Find / Spot the difference: “Next” button appears even though auto-advance is on.
  • Download leads as XLSX – saves as CSV.
  • Magic fields missing in email automation for personality.
  • Videos in answer explanations sometimes don’t autoplay.
  • Upvote & Quote does not take media orientation into account.
  • Video does not appear in any block if ‘original ratio’ selected at the block or Riddle-wide level.

Older release notes can be found here


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