We’ve shipped 21 new quiz features (and counting)

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At Riddle – we believe change is good. Really good. And powered by caffeine, chocolate, and 80’s power ballads, our development team constantly delivers new quiz features for our quiz creator. Just six months into 2017, check out these 21 killer new quiz features we’ve added:

1. Interactive story quiz – bring the power of conditional logic to your quizzes and show each person questions based on their previous answers. Want to see a live example? Check out how BBC Sport’s ‘Can you beat the legends?’ Wimbledon quiz.

2. Add your own ‘call to action’ buttons – have your audience instantly act on targeted special offers, contests, or other promotions in the results section of your quiz. Imagine you run a travel site. You could add a ‘Buy now – save 25% on your vacation!’ button at the end of your ‘What cruise should I take?’ quiz – linking to their recommended holiday package.

quiz features3. Multiple Choice Answers – mark more than one answer as correct in quizzes. Have more than one correct answer set up? Users only get the whole question as “correct” if all correct answers are selected.

4. Random answer order – one of our more popular quiz features, shuffle the order of the quiz answers every time a user takes your quiz.

5. Animated GIFs through Giphy  GIFs are proven to keep quiz takers engaged. Now search and use millions of funny, cute, and engaging examples. Yay for animated GIFs!

6. Show answers at the end of quiz – wait to display the correct answers until the user’s results. Designed for lead generation, you can hide all answers and any correct/wrong indicators to give people more incentive to sign up to view their results.

quiz features

7. Custom social sharing text – create different share messages for each of your Facebook, Whatsapp, and other social channels.

quiz features

8. Downloadable PDF reports – download the statistics for your individual Riddles as a pretty PDF with just a click. This should be a big time saver when reporting quiz stats to your internal stakeholders or advertisers for sponsored content.

9. Custom result pages – check out how you can send quiz users to different landing pages on your site based on their results.

10. New ‘My Riddles’ section – we gave this page a lot of love. Now you can:

  • Add notes/comments to make it easier to collaborate as a team and keep track of duplicate versions.
  • Your new ‘Riddle HQ’ – now the default page you’ll see after log-in.
  • Want to move a Riddle between teams? It was a bit complicated to find – now we moved this feature to the ‘My Riddle’ list as well.

11. Time-stamped leads – another of our popular quiz features, all leads now have a timestamp in the download file. Such a tiny thing to add, but now you can segment leads by date when importing into your marketing software.

12. Hide answer percentages – we added an option to hide the percent of people having answered a certain question… check it out under ‘more options’ in the ‘Customization’ step.

13. All about accessibility – Riddle’s quiz creator is now user-friendly for members of your audience with visual, hearing, or motor skill difficulties. We’ve added tab support, ALT tags, and button highlight colors.

14. More lead generation opt-in fields – keep your lawyers happy. Add extra opt-in fields to your lead generation forms (your customers can agree to contest rules, receive communications by email/phone/text, or more).

quiz features

15. New customization screen – we divided our ever-growing list of customization options into tabs to help navigation

16. Hide individual social channels – enjoy full control over which social channel share buttons appear on your quiz

17. New media picker – a much easier way to choose your favorite images or videos from Pexels, Giphy, Instagram and more.

quiz features

18. Live preview – instantly updates your draft quiz so you can preview any changes in the ‘create’ (as well as the ‘customize’) steps.

19. Add manual ‘save’ button – our auto-save is really good at backing up your work. But now we’ve added a ‘save’ button for extra peace of mind – you can manually trigger a save anytime.

20. Building a foundation for (continued) awesomeness – it’s not glamorous, but our tech team has embarked on the process of re-doing our site architecture. This will pay off – we’ll have a faster system that will enable us to rapidly add more quiz builder and lead generation tools.

21. New admin tools – we’re big customer service geeks at Riddle and built out admin tools. Now everyone at Riddle, from our CEO Boris on down can quickly answer, fix, and help with almost any question you throw at us.

New quiz features: your ideas wanted!

It’s been just three years since we started our journey three years ago to be the best quiz marketing platform on the planet. 

You and the rest of our community are a huge source of inspiration. About 80-90% of our new quiz features coming from your ideas.

Are you thinking… ‘Wouldn’t it be great if Riddle could do ?’ at hello@riddle.com. We’ll read and respond to every message!

Happy Riddling,


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