Solutions for non-profit organizations

Grow support for your cause with interactive content

Create interactive content that educates, spreads awareness, and starts conversations. All within budget.

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Build affordable, interactive content that makes change happen

Create engaging, educational content

Educate audiences with 15 types of flexible, interactive content that makes an impact. From quizzes to competitions, surveys, and petitions, get ready to inspire action.

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Increase awareness with shareable content

Go viral with shareable, interactive content supporting your cause. Whether it’s a poll that starts a discussion or a quiz that makes people think. Get traffic and spread your message.

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Make easy-to-build quizzes for any budget

Non-profits get a 20% discount on all purchases, along with unlimited quizzes, leads, and traffic. And with our simple visual builder, you can quickly make compelling content without any coding.

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Find opportunities to get passionate donors

Turn high-quality leads into donors

Generate high-quality leads for fundraising, and connect lead data to your marketing tools. In a recent experiment, we achieved a lead opt-in rate of 43% — you could do the same.

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Use insights to target and personalize content

Get reliable first-party data and deep insights when users participate in your Riddle content. Use this to make segments, target dynamic content and personalize emails to your leads.

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Track, measure, and optimize quizzes

Measure data from your quiz funnels, from start and completion rates to leads. Connect to your tracking software to find opportunities to optimize your content for conversions.

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Generate leads and optimize content for conversions

Convert high-quality leads into customers

Generate high-quality leads for your clients by adding lead forms into content. Connect data to their marketing tools, create segments and target personalized content.

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Embed anywhere. Connect to 5,000+ tools.

Add Riddle content into any CMS or
site-builder, and connect to a huge range of marketing tools.

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GDPR/CCPA compliant

Riddle meets global privacy protection requirements, keeping your customers’ personal data safe and secure.

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